Thursday, November 19, 2009

Project Runway, Season 6 - Finale Predictions

Well, we made it. The Project Runway Season 6 Finale airs tonight, an end to arguably the worst season yet, one that had more drama off-screen than on. After Leanne's Season 5 victory, network/studio changes and law suits turned excitement for the next batch of designers into desperation.  "It's all worth it," we told ourselves. "Runway is worth it." Oh, how I wish we had been correct. Season 6 has been a hodgepodge of lackluster design, inconsistent judging and vapid designers. While Ra'mon, Shirin and Epperson were auf'd, Logan, Christopher and Nikolas inexplicably squeaked by week after week. With the exception of Gordana's absence, we somehow ended up with a somewhat decent Top 3 for the finale: Althea, Irina and Carol Hannah.

Mean-a-Irina is the definite front runner going into Fashion Week. She has consistently delivered with a distinct point-of-view. She may be nasty, but the girl knows how to whip up a garment. One of the arguments against an Irina victory is her all-black collection (how appropriate - did anyone use color this season??), to which I offer two words - Christian Siriano. The Season 4 winner was also criticized by the judges for his lack of color, but awarded him the win anyways. The questions is - will Irina's monochromatic designs make as big of a splash as Christian's? The obviously answer is 'no'...I'm not sure any of the designs we've seen this season have matched the caliber of Mr. Fierce, but given a budget of $9,000 and months of time, I'm curious to see what our villainess produces.

If there is anyone who will beat Irina, it will be Carol Hannah. Sorry, Althea, but from what we saw of your collection last week, it is seriously lacking in focus and point-of-view. Your knits are doubtful to save you here. Carol Hannah, on the other hand, has been spending her time taking risks while staying true to her sophisticated style. With the help of Tim, she has made some life-saving edits to the collection and, if she can keep her lunch down, might be able to pull a Chloe Dao-style upset.

To the winner I say, "Congratulations." And to myself I think, "Good riddance." It's time to put this season in the books and call it a day. Reports of Season 7 seem to indicate getting back on track -  Michael, Nina and Heidi will be in every episode and Los Angeles is being ditched for good ol' New York City. It will air next year. 2010...the beginning of a new decade, and hopefully a new lease on life for our beloved series.
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