Tuesday, November 17, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance, Season 6 - Top 20

After last night's "feel good" Top 20 show, it's time to start separating the good, the bad and the ugly, all of whom were present on tonight's show.

Wasn't really feeling the Phillip/Channing combo. I like Channing a lot, but she wasn't really "on" last night. I've never really taken to Phillip, and after they showed his little diva dramas in Vegas I kind of wrote him off. Thought they should've been in the Bottom 4.

And while we are on the subject....Russell and Ariana in the Bottom 4?!? Seriously?!? Was Russell amazing last night? No. But he was certainly respectable...especially considering he had to do it with Melanie (was I the only one wondering how those lifts were going to go....?). I would've been plenty comfortable with a Brandon/Pauline elimination. Though, to be fair, I enjoyed Brandon and Pauline's slow waltz...it was precious. Why didn't we just send Noelle home?

I actually enjoyed the Peter/Ariana hip hop - am I alone here? I know they didn't hit as hard as anyone would've liked, but how can you not be in love with Peter?? He's such a cutie!

Jakob is absolutely brilliant - too bad he's paired with Asheligh. She was good last night, but still bothers me. I get it - you're married to Ryan - move on!

Ryan is clearly the better spouse. It'll be super awkward when she gets the boot before him. Oh well. The Sonya "Fallen Angel" piece was fun - but, sorry Ellenore, nowhere close to the "best piece ever on SYTYCD". Was she on crack? I love me some Ellenore - but, seriously girl, hush. The best Sonya piece (for me) was "The Garden" from Season 4 (Mark/Courtnie....sooooo hot!), and this didn't really compare.

I kind of zoned out during the Kathryn/Legacy jungle jam hip hop routine...neither are my particular favorites, although I think Kathryn might be growing on me...as long as she can hold back those damn tears! I have despised Legacy since Day One...can he go home, please?

The Kevin/Karen duo is another one I'm kind of ambivalent towards. I thought they did well (it didn't hurt that they had "Glee" music, of course)...Kevin's lip-synching bothered me, and I was surprised no one mentioned it. Karen is definitely a hot mama, but listening to Nigel talk about her was super creepy. I needed a shower after that one.

Don't get me wrong. I lovvvvve me some Bianca. She is my girl. But I still don't know how I feel about her in that Travis Wall piece. The passion was certainly there, but I agree with Adam Shankman (a.k.a. my twin)....shoulders and toes, Bianca!!! She reminded me of Season 4's Comfort - all the passion with none of the technique. I'm not a huge Victor fan. There's something about him that just doesn't appeal to me the way other contemporary dancers do (Billy Bell, Jakob, Nathan, etc). He was great in this piece, so I'm curious to see how he does moving forward. I hope they keep bringing back Travis - his choreography is fantastic!

And the jury is still out on the Mickey Mouse Club duo of Nathan/Mollee...I really like Nathan, hate Mollee...putting Nathan with Mollee made him look sooo much younger to me, and his fake celebrations to the judges' praise were super annoying. I thought they did a good job with the disco, though NOWHERE near the level of Brandon/Jeanette from last season. We'll see how this pairing develops.

I'm not liking this no voting nonsense - is the World Series over yet?? Only two more weeks...
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