Thursday, November 19, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance, Season 6 - Top 14 Results

There weren't many surprises last night as we said goodbye to 2 more dancers. Some of the best and worst from last night's episode:

  • BEST: Amanda and Wade Robson's fantastic Pop-Jazz group number. SYTYCD certainly loves Imogen Heap, and with good reason.
  • WORST: Cat's dress. "Why is she wearing her curtains?" was one of my favorite of the many comments shouted at the TV last night about her heinous outfit. Seriously - who let her go on national television looking like that? And was the make-up department on strike?
  • BEST: Nakul Dev Mahajan and MDN Bollywood Dance Productions' Bollywood routine. Such wonderful energy, and it's always great to see professional dance groups perform styles we don't get to see a lot. Definitely made up for Nathan and Mollee's attempt from the Top 18. 
  • WORST: Megan Mullally's "Turn the Tub Around" commercial. 'Nuff said.
  • BEST: Victor and Nathan's turn-crazy solos. I agree with Nigel that the dancers shouldn't rely on excellent pirouettes, but they sure can do them well! 
  • WORST: Karen's solo. Goodness gracious. Just a sequence of model/stripper poses with an occasional poorly-executed basic dance skill thrown in. I know that it's difficult for a ballroom dancer to perform solo, but we've seen her do much better!
Once the Bottom 3 Couples were announced, I pretty much said goodbye to Kevin. Nigel and Nathan may have had their (incredibly awkward and amazing) differences, but the boy can pop out one helluva solo. As for the girls, I thought any of them could've gotten the boot last night. Karen, though she is one of my favorites, has not been doing well ever since landing in the Bottom 3 Couples last week. I have made no secret of my dislike of Mollee, so I was more hopeful than anything that she might be sent packing. My prayers, however, were not answered and it was lovely Channing who the judges sent home.

I understand the judges decision, but I think Channing got the short end of the stick early on when she was paired up with Phillip. Had she been paired with Victor early on, I think we might've seen a completely different dancer. Unfortunately, that's the way this competition works. Goodbye, Channing and Kevin! Next week we get to see the Top 12 perform two routines each! More dancing, less fluff...hopefully some Jean-Marc and Wade!
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