Saturday, November 28, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance, Season 6 - Top 12 Results

With the Thanksgiving holiday a few days behind us, hopefully everyone has recovered from their Turkkoma ( vegetarians get sleepy from tofurkey? discuss) and caught up on SYTYCD. The night started out with a great Alice in Wonderland-inspired group number by Nappy Tabs, and even with all the make-up, lights and crazy costumes, Jakob still stood out from the rest of the dancers. As I predicted, Victor and Karen found themselves in danger, joined by Mollee/Nathan and Ryan/Ellenore. I had no doubt Ryan and Ellenore would be safe, especially after Nigel expressed his frustration with the voting results; although, with 50% of the dancers in danger, there was bound to be a great couple in the bottom.

I wasn't crazy about Mollee's solo, it was a bit too gymnastics-y for my taste, but the girls knows how to pick a great solo song - loved this week's "Bulletproof" by La Roux. She is definitely growing on me - we'll see how she does with a different partner next week. Also, I'm not sure when the last time was that we saw a good solo from a ballroom dancer. Even fiery Janette and Chelsie Hightower didn't really produce solos that wowed the crowd. Hopefully as we enter the last leg of the competition, Ashleigh and Ryan will find a way to spice them up.

I'm always confused when the special guest performer on SYTYCD doesn't either dance or have backup dancers, so I appreciated that Shakira did both. However, did anyone else notice that she gave basically the exact same performance as the one from Sunday's American Music Awards, down to the same background graphic. Did she think we wouldn't notice...?

The eliminations went by without much surprise, although Nigel tried his best to keep us wondering whether Victor or Nathan were going to go home. I always wonder if Nigel only says the decision wasn't unanimous when he doesn't agree with the results. Either way, Victor and Karen were sent packing, and we have our Top 10 dancers: Jakob, Ashleigh, Russell, Noelle, Kathryn, Legacy, Ryan, Ellenore, Nathan and Mollee. Interestingly enough, the Top 10 dancers all come from pairings that were never split up...seems that once you're partner got eliminated, it was only a matter of time before you bit the dust, too.

It will certainly be interesting to see how the Top 10 fare with new partners...I hope for Ryan's sake he doesn't get paired with pre-pubescent Mollee! And now our votes matter more than ever - the dancers with the lowest votes will be eliminated, no matter how much the judges love them. So if you don't want to see another Jason/Janette elimination a la Season 5, vote smartly and vote often.
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