Tuesday, November 24, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance, Season 6 - Predictions for Top 10

With the nationwide tour for SYTYCD Season 5 coming to a close last weekend, it seems appropriate that we are now arriving to the Top 12 episode tonight for Season 6. This week will be one of most nerve-wracking for our fabulous (and not-so-fabulous) dancers. Tonight we'll see the Top 12 dancers perform 2 routines each, and tomorrow two dancers will be sent home. This will be fifth elimination since we entered our Top 20, but this is one of the most pivotal since only the Top 10 will be performing on the tour. Yes, I realize that last season they allowed Phillip and (let's be honest, to keep an even number) Caitlin to join the tour, but unless hell freezes over, pigs fly and Jakob gets sent home, I don't really see this happening again.
Here are my predictions for where the dancers stand in their chances to making the Top 10. Obviously this could all change after tonight's show, but we shall see.

  • Jakob - The contemporary superstar is pretty much a shoe-in for the Top 10. His incredible technique and emotional performances have made him a fan and judge favorite.
  • Ashleigh - She has grown tremendously on the show, and has converted haters like myself and my twin Shankman to fan.
  • Russell -  For its first season having a dancer in the Top 20, Krump has fared much better than Tap, for sure. Seriously, is there anything Russell can't do?! Still not sure why the judges ever considered putting him in the Bottom 4 way back in the Top 20 episode, but at least we got to see his amazing solo.
  • Noelle - Our lovely Noelle started off on the wrong foot. Or knee. Or whatever. Her injury and BFF status with Mollee certainly put me off in the beginning, but she continues to prove herself week after week. Her star quality truly came out last week during the Foxtrot, and how many SYTYCD contestants can you say that for?
  • Mollee - Ugh. I know. But I can't ignore the inevitable. Let's be honest, even when Nigel reamed Nathan for being immature, Mollee escaped without a scratch. Add that to her loyal fanbase and her life-saving solo last week, and I think we'll be seeing the Moll-ster on tour.
  • Legacy - Growth? Yes. Following? Yes. Memorable routines? Yes. Serious lack of technique? Yes. I get a lot of slack for not falling head over heels for Legacy, but I do recognize a lot of his positive qualities. But remember Phillip? He was practically a superstar of Season 5 before he got the boot because the judges didn't see his basic skills improving fast enough. For all you Legacy fans, I hope I'm wrong. But we'll see.
  • Ryan/Ellenore - Pros: Wonderful personalities, performed one of the most memorable dances of the season, definite star quality. Cons: disappointing solos, nightmare-inducing memories of their Lil' C hip-hop routine. After last week's Travis Wall contemporary routine, this power couple have solidified a spot in "Favorite Routines of Season 6" category. Unfortunately, they have had some big missteps along the way, and I fear that might haunt them should they end up in the Bottom 3 Couples this week.
  • Nathan - Poor Nathan. If he had only been paired with a different dancer and kept his mouth shut, how different his time on SYTYCD would've been. Unfortunately, he has felt the wrath of Lythgoe, and traded his over-the-top immaturity with a scared, wide-eyed ghost face. If he can find the balance between the two and deliver a memorable performance, I think he will be fine. I look forward to seeing him dance with someone else.
  • Victor - Mr. Personality he is not. At least on stage. We've dealt with his kind before - the wonderfully trained contemporary dancer with a big personality off-stage that just blends into the background once we get to the Top 20 (remember Thayne from Season 4...right, probably not). Victor posted on his Twitter account (@victorsmalley) on Sunday saying, "I love turning! Just like others like extensions or popping what's wrong with that? O well I got some more tricks up my sleeve!" Hopefully those tricks include some sort of charisma on stage.
  • Kathryn - I really want to love Kathryn. She's sweet and a great dancer. But I'm not sure she really has the star potential of her competitors. If she lands in the Bottom 3 Couples this week, I think she may find herself getting a Channing-style critique and good-bye from the judges.
  • Karen - It's really hard to put Karen on this list. She is my little hot mamacita, but she has had some serious light-fading ever since dancing for her life in the Top 16 results show. 2 bad solos and a bad Broadway routine are not setting the hot tamale up for success.
So, dear readers, what do you think? Who do you think is destined for the tour, and who do you think might end up watching from the audience?
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