Thursday, December 3, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance, Season 6 - Top 10 Results

Dear America,
Please start voting for Kathryn immediately. She is fabulous, and if she gets kicked off before Mollee I might just have a "White Chicks"-style bitch fit.
Love always,

Okay, I feel better now. Now let's talk about last night's results show. The evening began with a Tyce Diorio Broadway group number to Billy Joel's "It's Still Rock and Roll to Me" that was full of energy, and a hardcore make-out session courtesy of Ryan and Ashleigh (to quote Sue Sylvester from Glee, "At first I was aroused, then furious"). It felt like a mix of "Thriller" and West Side Story, and I for one really enjoyed seeing the Top 10 rock out, but where were the routines for the Top 5 guys and Top 5 girls?! I've really enjoyed those in the past, especially Season 4's "Five Guys Named Moe" and "Ave Maria".

I wish the dancers could've changed out of their costumes and make-up from the group routine before finding out whether or not they were in danger of elimination, especially poor Nathan who was wearing the most ridiculous sweater-collar/leather corset ensemble. Seriously - who did he piss of in Wardrobe? It pretty much started Nathan's whole night out on a bad note. He was announced being in danger, along with Ryan, Noelle and (whyyyyyy?) Kathryn.

I have been pretty critical of the SYTYCD hip hop choreographers (minus the beloved Nappy Tabs) - Lil' C, Shane Sparks and Dave Scott are usually not at the top of my list. And last night's guest performance by LXD (Legion of Extraordinary Dance) proved why. LXD's performance was fresh, exciting and expertly fused hip hop with lyrical and classical styles. I realize that I'm comparing apples to oranges - Lil' C is not going to be able to get two ballroom dancers to do what LXD can do; however, this new style of hip hop was so refreshing and wonderful to see. And for all you Glee fans, some of that choreography was courtesy of Harry Shum, aka "Other Asian"! As for Snoop Dogg's performance, it was nice to see some SYTYCD alums again, but I just couldn't get past that heinous bejeweled ring.

If there was any consolation to Kathryn being in the bottom, it was that we got to see her solo again. Compared to the other 3, it was clear who did not deserve to be in danger. Thank goodness Nathan didn't feel himself up as much during his solo, or cry after it, but Ryan did nothing to improve his Chippendale's display (one of my friends could not stop screaming in horror). In the end, we said goodbye to Noelle and Nathan, and it felt like the right decision was made. Go America! Next week we'll watch our Top 8 and decide who makes it to the Top 6...and the finale?! Yes, that's right. Cat didn't misspeak last night - there are only 2 weeks left in Season 6. FOX didn't want to broadcast the finale on December 23rd, as it's too close to Christmas, so instead the Top 6 will compete in the finale. With the World Series scheduling disaster, not getting to vote for the first two weeks and now having the Top 6 all perform in the finale - Season 6 has definitely gotten the short end of the stick from FOX.

My Top 4 right now is Jakob, Ellenore, Russell and Kathryn, and I hope Ashleigh beats out Mollee into the finale. As for Ryan vs. Legacy - neither really seems like finale material, but as long as they stay away from Russell and Jakob, either one is fine with me. It all comes down to the votes - so vote wisely and vote often.
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