Thursday, December 10, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance, Season 6 - Top 8 Results

A wise man once said, "SYTYCD is no stranger to upsets...Hold your breath and cross your fingers, tonight's results show is going to be an interesting night for sure." Okay, fine, that wise man was me...yesterday. Tuesday night's show may have featured a Mr. and Mrs. Smith routine, but last night's elimination show was all about Mr. and Mrs. Di Lello (ba dum CHING). Despite Ryan's wonderful performances this week, most (including myself) had pretty much already counted him out of next week's Finale. Couple that with Ashleigh's sidelining injury, and it was not looking good for the married couple going into the final pre-Finale results show.

Before I get to the elimination, there are a few things I have to mention about last night's broadcast.

  1. As much as I despise Megan Mullally's "Turn the Tub Around" commercial for I Can't Believe It's Not Butter, I always end up stopping to watch it. There's something about her singing about hydrogenated oils and trans fat that makes my skin crawl and my heart skip a beat at the same time - like watching a train wreck and not being able to look away. I can't wait to see the full video during the Finale.
  2. I adore anytime Cat gets feisty with the audience. Sure, she may have only said "shush," but you know that in proper English, that translates to "Shut the f*** up or I'm going to call security and have them go after your families."
  3. I understand SYTYCD's connection with American Idol, and I also know I'm being incredibly hypocritical because I loved when Kelly Clarkson performed on the show in Season 5. That being said, why is Kris Allen performing on a show for dancing? Why can't they book an artist that at least has backup dancers? In Kelly Clarkson's defense - she at least sings music that people dance to. When was the last time you even bopped your head to a Kris Allen song? I thought not.
Now, back to the results.

With eight dancers left, we had half safe and half in danger. The majority of the safe dancers came as no surprise - Jakob and Russell sailed on through, and were soon joined by Kathryn, thankfully safe - apparently America came to its senses after losing its mind last week. When it came down to Ellenore or Ashleigh to be safe, we got Surprise #1: Ashleigh joined the other dancers in Safe Land. I wasn't completely shocked that Ashleigh made the Finale, but I figured she would at least have been in danger. America thought differently.

Solo time (no - I didn't watch the guest artists). Mollee once again picked a song I love, and her gymnastics once again overshadowed any dance that may have been in there. Ellenore was way more aggressive than quirky in her solo, and performed with an intensity I haven't seen in her before - she almost looked pissed that she was in danger. Ryan performed the same solo as Tuesday night, which was a good call considering it was his only tolerable solo of the season, and Legacy busted out some incredible b-boy moves. Legacy really hooked me this week, although I still think he could benefit from more musicality in his solos; most of the time I could put the TV on mute and not really miss anything.

I adore Ellenore, and although Mollee had a fantastic week, I was happy to see Ellenore advance on to the Finale. Poor Mollee was a hot mess - I'm pretty sure she'll still be crying through the first two weeks of the tour. Let's be honest, she wasn't going to win anyways; she made the tour, she'll have a blast and she's going to get a TON of job offers when it's all said and done. Moving on. Ryan vs. Legacy. Welcome to Surprise #2, sponsored by the state of Utah: Ryan made the Finale. Now, had Legacy's elimination occurred prior to this week, I would've rejoiced with elation. But, as I've said, he finally converted me, so I was sad to see him go. I even think he could've had a chance at the title, since so many people seemed to have fallen in love with him back during the auditions.

So there you have it, your Season 6 Finalists: Jakob, Russell, Ellenore, Kathryn, Ashleigh and Ryan. Next week, we'll see them in every possible grouping imaginable. Even though it wouldn't be completely fair, I'm hoping the producers rig it so we can see Ryan and Ashleigh do some Latin ballroom and Kathryn and Jakob perform a contemporary piece (maybe even a surprise visit from Mia Michaels, reappearing like a phoenix from the ashes). I also wouldn't mind seeing Russell's Bollywood routine again, but this time with Ashleigh; if the rehearsal footage was any indication, she was going to kill that routine (in the best way possible). I'll do a more in-depth prediction early next week, but at this point it's looking like one of the guys is destined to be crowned America's Favorite Dancer.

What did you think, dear readers? Do the Di Lellos deserve to be in the Finale? Are you like me and still pissed that the Finale is the Top 6? And aren't you glad Russell wasn't in danger so we didn't have to suffer through that cheesy Santa Claus solo again? Sound off in the comments section!
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