Tuesday, December 15, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance, Season 6 - Finale Predictions

It's hard to believe we have already arrived at the SYTYCD Season 6 Finale. Sure, the auditions went on forever, but after not voting for the first two weeks and now having the Top 6 in the Finale, our time with this season's Top 20 has flown by too quickly. At the end of tonight's show, I plan on voting for only one dancer (after all, it's Favorite, not Favorites), and voting often (last season, I voted 100 times for Jeanine...no exaggeration). Tonight's decision is going to be an incredibly tough one - who will join the ranks of Nick, Benji, Sabra, Joshua and Jeanine as America's Favorite Dancer? Here are my thoughts:

#6 - Ryan - The "Ballroom Engine That Could" eked his way into the Top 6 after two wonderful performances with Kathryn last week. True, Ryan has been in two of my favorite performances of the season (Contemporary and Argentine Tango), but his downfalls (Hip Hop), dreadful solos and presence in the bottom more than any of the other finalists all lead me to believe he'll be the first dancer eliminated Wednesday night.

#5 - Ellenore - Don't get me wrong, I love Ellenore. LOVE her. She has delivered some incredible performances this season, but for some reason America does not seem to share my love. She has certainly had some less-than-stellar moments, and I think her quirkiness has alienated (yes, intentional use of the word) a large part of the audience. I'm afraid poor Ellenore might be the first lady out.

#4 - Ashleigh - Okay, naysayers. I'm about to throw down some knowledge. Ashleigh Di Lello has never been in the bottom. Never. Even when injured and unable to perform, she was safe from elimination. Sure, Jakob probably had a lot to do with that for the first 5 weeks, but there has to come a point where you give it up to Miss Ashleigh. With Legacy out of the picture, we can safely say that Ashleigh is the finalist that has grown the most since the auditions. I was certainly a doubter at first, but she has turned me into a believer. Though I don't think she will be our top girl, I think Ashleigh is going to fare well in the Finale.

#3 - Kathryn - Talk about perfect timing. I've been a Kathryn fan for a while (once I got over her high-pitched sobbing in Vegas), but if there was ever a time for America to start agreeing with me - this is it. The contemporary starlet has emerged as one of the most well-trained and versatile dancers of the season, and I cannot wait to see her and Jakob dance together tonight (pleeeease contemporary?? pleeeease Mia Michaels?? okay, maybe I'm pushing my luck). I think Kathryn is going to emerge the #1 female of Season 6, which will secure her a spot dancing on this year's Academy Awards (thanks, Shankman!) - her star quality will match that event perfectly.

Winner - Russell? Jakob? - I know. It's a cop out. But I honestly cannot decide who should be America's Favorite Dancer - Russell or Jakob. Both have been consistently phenomenal this season; Jakob has never been in the bottom, and Russell only appeared there once in the Top 20 when the judges lost their minds. Russell certainly exudes more personality, and he is inexplicably good at practically everything despite being untrained (still a head scratcher...has this just turned into urban legend?).  He is a joy to watch and it would be fantastic to have the first Krumper on SYTYCD be crowned the champion. On the other hand, Jakob is without a doubt one of the best trained dancers to ever perform in any season. Unlike some of his predecessors (Brandon, Will, Danny), Jakob has avoided personality pitfalls; he is neither too cocky nor too boring. While Russell has been in some great routines, Jakob has been a part of some of the best (Viennese Waltz, Contemporary). I'm going to let their performances tonight be the judge, and since they have know how very close they are to winning, I think they are going to deliver quite a show.

So there you go - my not-so-conclusive prediction. Though I am really sad tonight's episode is only an hour, I am really looking forward to seeing the dancers paired up with each other - Jakob and Kathryn! Ryan and Ashleigh! In my review tomorrow, I'll let you know who I chose as my favorite, as well as the obscene number of times I voted for him (or her...no...him).
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