Saturday, December 19, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance, Season 6 - Finale, Pt. 2

Courtesy of Fox

It's been three days since the SYTYCD Season 6 Finale, and I am still in a state of shock, confusion, disbelief and disappointment - none of which have to do with Russell's victory. Most of the finale played out like a bad dream, leaving me with a whole slew of questions:

  1. Where was Mia Michaels? I mean, seriously, they couldn't have gotten her to show up just once?
  2. Why did Debbie Allen only get to pick one routine and only speak about 10 words? Let's not forget that she delivered one of the best judge critiques in series history (after Neil/Sabra's Season 3 "Sweet Dreams" routine): ”Honey, all I can say is that’s how I like it / I like it like that/ I like it like that, honey / Give it to me hard / Give it to me strong / Sometimes jazz can be a little itsy-bitsy / This is the way we like it, honey.” Why wouldn't you let her talk more?!
  3. Why did we ignore such incredibly memorable routines (Jakob/Mollee Viennese Waltz, Jakob/Ashleigh Hip Hop, Ryan/Kathryn Cha Cha, Karen/Kevin Hip Hop, Victor/Channing Jazz), and instead have to sit through a rerun of the "Meet the Top 20" episode? I'm glad there were 3 tappers this season, but I was all set after seeing that routine the first time.
  4. How long will it be before Megan Mullally fires her agent? Seriously..."Turn the Tub Around" was bad enough before it became a duet. Between this and Fame, girlfriend needs a Will and Grace reunion baaaaaad.
  5. Can't we have more guest dancers and cut back on the music acts? Who wouldn't love to see a Broadway dance number, an Alvin Ailey routine or a reappearance by LXD? I could've done without Mary J. Blige, Adam Lambert and J. Lo (not that it mattered much - I fast forwarded right through).
  6. Who is the official florist of SYTYCD? They need to be fired. Those bouquets were NOT cute. "I was a finalist on SYTYCD and all I got were these lousy dead flowers."
Of course, it wouldn't be Season 6 without one final injury. After performing two separate weeks with choreographers and assistants due to his partners being injured, it was Russell's turn to go down. After a bad landing in his Hip Hop routine with Legacy and Kevin, Russell suffered an injury that prevented him from performing for the rest of the broadcast, and also caused one of the most confusing moments of live television I've seen in a while.

The eliminations went pretty much as predicted, save for Ashleigh being eliminated before Ellenore - America surprsingly got that one right. I was thrilled to see Kathryn be the last girl standing, and I couldn't stand the anticipation once it came down to Russell and Jakob. Even though I couldn't decide earlier this week between the two dancers, once I was on Team Jakob I wanted no other result. I was really sad to see the contemporary superstar come in second place, joining the ranks of Travis, Danny and Brandon as dominant male dancers who soared all season to only make it to 2nd place. Just once it would be nice to have the BEST dancer also be the FAVORITE dancer - and I truly thought Jakob had a chance to be that dancer.

Russell, of course, is phenomenal - his story is inspiring and will hopefully influence street dancers to explore more classical styles. He was consistently good throughout the season, and always brought an incredible amount of passion and joy to his dancing. If any other dancer were to win besides Jakob, I'm glad it was Russell. Although, I must say his reaction to winning was a bit of a head scratcher. I could've done without the shirt ripping, but then again I'd probably do the same if I just won $250,000. The thing that confused me the most, and pretty much summed up the whole Finale-watching experience, was when they showed a shot of his mom as he called someone up to the stage who had been with him through the whole experience. Who would it be? His mom? Dad? Brother? Best friend from home? After a long embrace, we found out who was privileged enough to join Russell in the confetti (because let's be honest - even Jakob got pushed off stage) was Kevin. Huh?!

I don't know if we'll ever really understand what went wrong with Season 6 - was it the terrible scheduling by FOX? The Top 6 Finale? The lack of a rotating guest judge? Lackluster choreography? If I had to guess - yes, yes, no and yes. Hopefully Season 7 will bring back the summer glory days of SYTYCD - in the meantime, I'll be watching Jakob's dances on YouTube for hours on end.
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