Monday, January 4, 2010

A Happy New Year for My DVR

With 2010 already a few days in, it's time to start looking forward to the end of holiday season reruns! Four added shows, a new (and hopefully better) season of Project Runway, the sophomore season of RuPaul's Drag Race and the back nine episodes of Glee - there is much to look forward to. Oh, did I forget to mention something? Oh, right. THE SIXTH AND FINAL SEASON OF LOST BEGINS IN 5 WEEKS. The mayhem that is going to be unleashed on Lost fans every Tuesday is sure to be absolutely legen-wait for it-dary. And speaking of How I Met Your Mother, next week's episode is the sitcom's 100th; it will not only guest star Project Runway mentor Tim Gunn, but also feature a musical number with Neil Patrick Harris taking the spotlight. Happy New Year, indeed.

Here are the shows I'm looking forward to, and when they will be returning with new episodes (all times are EST):
8-8:30pm How I Met Your Mother (CBS) - beginning January 11
9:30-10pm Big Bang Theory (CBS) - beginning January 11
RuPaulʼs Drag Race (LOGO) - beginning February 1

8-9pm American Idol (FOX) - beginning January 12
9-10pm Lost (ABC) - beginning February 12
9-10pm Glee (FOX) - beginning April 13

8-9pm American Idol (FOX) - beginning January 13
8-9pm Americaʼs Next Top Model (CW) - beginning March 3
9-9:30pm Modern Family (ABC) - beginning January 6
9:30-10pm Cougar Town (ABC) - beginning January 6

9-10pm Greyʼs Anatomy (ABC) - beginning January 14
9-9:30pm The Office (NBC) - beginning January 21
9:30-10pm 30 Rock (NBC) - beginning January 14
10-11pm Project Runway (Lifetime) - beginning January 14

10-10:30pm The Soup (E!) - beginning January 8

8-9pm Amazing Race - beginning February 14
Most of these shows are just continuations from the fall, with a few shows joining the pack:

I have recently, after much pointless resisting, become obsessed with the CBS sitcom Big Bang Theory; although I've only seen the first 2 seasons, I'm adding it to the DVR with the hopes that I can catch up soon (and if someone could get CBS to put Season 3 on DVD, I'd appreciate it).

After taking a season off to find myself (but mostly to avoid the under 5'7" crew), I am tentatively reuniting with America's Next Top Model - I'm thinking of it as a trial probation period; if after a few episodes I'm not hooked again, the divorce will be final.

Even if ANTM doesn't quite work out, I'll still have RuPaul's Drag Race to keep me entertained. LogoTV, unfortunately, is not the best at promoting this show - with less than a month until the season premiere, it is impossible to find when exactly it will air, besides that it will be on Monday nights.

The most significant addition to my schedule is American Idol. With the exception of a few episodes and finales here and there, I haven't obsessively watched Idol since Taylor Hicks won in 2006 - I think the crooner's undeserved win broke me. Enough time has passed, and my wounds have healed. That, and I don't want to miss seeing Ellen DeGeneres as a permanent judge. Will she bring constructive, comical criticism that maintains her positive image but contributes to the show, or will she just fill the void of Paula's crazy antics (although this time, they'll be intentional...)?

Happy DVR-ing, readers! Let me know if your TV schedules look similar to mine - or if there is an unmentioned show I absolutely cannot miss.
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