Sunday, February 14, 2010

Project Runway, Season 7 - Episode 5

First of all, my sincerest apologies for neglecting last week's Campbell Soup/heart disease/red challenge, especially considering it had such a heartwarming ending - Jesus was sent packing! And it was about time. His hoochie dress was a tacky mess, not that we shouldn't have been surprised. Amy got the win she deserved back in the potato sack challenge, and I am still unsure as to whether I liked Mila's star-spangled gown. But let's not live in the past...

This week, the designers were charged with creating a look for Marie Claire magazine; the winning looking would be featured on an upcoming cover and worn by Heidi Klum -  THE BIGGEST PRIZE IN PROJECT RUNWAY HISTORY!!!! Is anyone sensing a theme here? Two weeks ago it was the largest budget, this week it was the biggest prize - it's like we're being rewarded for making it through Season 6. And speaking of Season 6, this Marie Claire cover challenge is one they would have seriously struggled with, starting as soon as Joanna Coles (editor-in-chief of Marie Claire magazine) told them specifically to not use black. Gasp! The Season 7 designers, on the other hand, have already shown us their love of a rich palette, and some of them delivered some incredible garments.

Anthony, who has been no stranger to the Bottom 3, created a unique and beautiful teal dress. I was concerned for Anthony throughout the episode - his sketch was looking a little too Qristyl for my liking, and his consultation with Tim was no more comforting. By the time it got to the runway, however, this dress was a standout winner. The way Anthony constructed the neckline was stunning, dramatic and, most importantly, perfect for the cover of Marie Claire and Heidi. That last point is where runner-up Ben fell short. His kimono-inspired look had bold colors, an unusual back and a HOT double leather belt, but looking at that dress did not make me think at all of Heidi Klum on the cover of a magazine. Ben has typically delivered safe, uninteresting designs, so it was refreshing to see him in the front of the pack. It was no surprise to see Emilio in the Top 3. He has been a consistent contender all season, and the woven detailing on his red dress kept him that way. I do agree with the judges that the straps made it a bit "junior," but overall Emilio turned out another great look. And how great was the strap cutting sequence? He was ready for whatever came his way and didn't think twice about cutting up that dress!

There were, of course, some major mistakes made during this challenge, starting with Mila's crotch arrows. Her obvious misstep was in the color choice which practically washed out her model completely. I honestly didn't mind the shapes along the waist; they created an interesting line and slimming effect. The bottom 'arrows,' on the other hand, were not cute. The dress was definitely still very "Mila," and I don't think it's going to slow down this definite front runner. She was joined in the Bottom 3 by Janeane and Anna who, in my opinion, probably should've both be sent home. Neither have stuck out in a positive way yet this season, and both garments were dull and forgettable - Anna's outfit looked like it came from the Marshall's sale rack, and Janeane's was a bridal shop catastrophe. In the end, it was Anna who was sent packing and is not likely to be missed.

The remaining crop of designers is dwindling in number, and I am continually impressed at the talent this season is presenting. I hope they continue to showcase their love of color, texture and unique design - the best in Project Runway historyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!
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