Saturday, February 20, 2010

Project Runway, Season 7 - Episode 6

 "There’s only one pretty child in the world, and every mother has it."

Unless, of course, that child is wearing anything designed by Janeane. Yikes! But more on that later.

This week, the designers were charged with creating a look for a small girl that was (are you listening, designers? here's the important part) both fashionable and age-appropriate. Which, if you are terrified of small children, could prove to be difficult. Especially disgusted by the thought of miniature adults were Emilio, who busted a truly 80s-crazed Easter Sunday dress, and Jonathan, who for some reason thinks little girls go ga-ga for cotton organza and boleros.

And just when you thought that Runway Day had come, along came Tim with a twist! In addition to creating a look for their mini-muse, the designers had to create an accompanying look for their normal model (you know, the one you watch on Models of the Runway if you have no taste). Hemlines got higher, necklines got lower, and the cotton organza exploded like a weed all over Jonathan's adult look. Poor Amy really dug herself a hole during this portion of the challenge. Instead of creating a petal skirt or dress for her model like she did for her "junior model," she took a page from the Barnum Bailey Book of Fashion and crafted a pair of delightful pants. Well, delightful if her model was a sad clown.

Completely missing the mark, Janeane proved once again how ill-fit she was amongst this group of talented designers. Her pumpkin-colored stylings were drab and boring. That poor little girl would've ended up on the Worst Dressed page of American Girl Magazine in a heartbeat. And the coat she "constructed" for her model was beyond frumpy.

Meanwhile, many of the designers actually embraced the spirit of the challenge and made garments that any little girl would love to wear to the next ice cream social. Anthony's floral bodice and pink skirt was adorable, and Ben's lavender dress had a stylish shape while still being appropriate for his young model. I also loved Mila's color-block dress, and was happy to see her a) back on track, and b) getting along with the other designers - take that, Bitch Edit.

Ending up in the Top 3 were Jesse, Jay and Seth Aaron. Jesse's Madeline-inspired dress had all the potential of being an outdated disaster (i.e. Emilio), but his tailored jacket and surprising back line made it chic and darling. And his adult look was fashionable and well-made; I adored that black belt. Jay's plum pallet could've been too sophisticated for a young girl, but the pockets and wave skirt brought a wonderfully youthful charm to it. He, too, masterfully transformed the design into an adult look. But it was Seth Aaron that took center stage this week. The outspoken designer finally backed up all that talk with a great design. His girl looked like a playground punk rocker, and I especially loved the initialed star on the back of the vest. And while it was his girl's look that received the most attention and praise, it was his model's jacket that stole the show for me. Inspired by hounds tooth, it was stunning, dramatic and perfectly fit. It all helped me forget that his little girl's hair looked like a mix of Princess Leia and Baby Spice.

Thankfully, Janeane was sent packing. We have yet to have a surprise elimination yet this season (i.e. S3's Alison, S4's Kevin and S6's Epperson), so our favorite front runners had better be on alert. Next week's episode is sure to be full of twists, turns and surprises. See you on the runway!
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