Wednesday, March 31, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance, Season 7 - All-Star Announcements

Following the list of changes announced over the past week, Nigel Lythgoe has begun announcing the lineup of All-Star dancers that will be partnered with the contestants in the upcoming season of So You Think You Can Dance. Similar to the way he revealed the changes, Nigel will be unveiling one All-Star per day on via his Twitter account. As of today, the first two All-Stars have been announced. When more names are released, I will update this post.

Ladies and gentlemen, here are your All-Stars....

Stephen "Twitch" Boss (Runner-Up, S4)
After coming just shy of the crown in Season 4, the lovable Twitch will be the All-Star specialist for Popping, Locking, Krump and all those other things I will never ever be able to do. Twitch always brought an incredible energy to the stage every time he performed, and was a part of the unforgettable Emmy nominated Mia Michaels "Mercy" routine with Katee.

Kathryn McCormick (3rd Place, S6)
When first partnered with Legacy, Kathryn could never seem to get the judges' attention. She eventually became the dark horse of Season 6, dazzling us with breathtaking solos and tremendous passion. She will be specializing in Jazz, Contemporary, Broadway and Cultural. Hopefully she will be able to get the Season 7 contestants to deliver extraordinary performances like her Contemporary routine with Jakob (pictured left).

Pasha Kovalev (Top 6, S3)
Joining the All-Star crew as a specialist in standard and Latin ballroom, Pasha is no stranger to SYTYCD. After making it to the Top 6 in Season 3, he returned with Top 12 finisher Anya to choreograph several routines in Seasons 4, 5 and 6. The pair have also appeared on Dancing with the Stars and Superstars of Dance. When it comes to this show, Pasha is the definition of charisma. It will be interesting to see the new contestants try and match his energy and talent.

Allison Holker (Top 8, S2)
Remembered best for her Tyce Diorio contemporary routine to Annie Lennox's "Why" with Ivan (view it here), Allison is returning to the show specializing in Jazz, Contemporary, Broadway and Cultural. She was a featured dancer in the first two High School Musical movies along with fellow SYTYCDers Sabra Johnson, Kelli Baker and Mollee Gray. Her effortless leaps and boundless energy will certainly push this season's contestants to their limits.

Ade Obayomi (Top 6, S5)
Okay, don't get mad, but...Ade? I guess I shouldn't be terribly surprised. The judges consistently praised Ade for his incredible strength (Mary Murphy nicknamed him "The Gentle Giant"), and he was in two of the most memorable routines of Season 5 - Romeo & Juliet and the breast cancer-inspired "This Woman's Work," both with partner Melissa. His talent is undeniable, but I never warmed up to Ade and wonder if there are maybe some better options for an All-Star in Contemporary and Classical (*cough*Danny*cough*). My biggest hope is that I will be proven wrong here.

Comfort Fedoke (Top 8, S4)
Hmmmm... Comfort, huh? Though I did admire her growth in Season 4, she was never really an "All-Star" in my book. Let's start with the negatives - starting in Week 2, Comfort was consistently in the Bottom 3 until she was eliminated during the Top 12 results, then brought back after Jessica's injury and was again in the bottom until her inevitable elimination during the Top 8 results. So, not the best track record. Positives? Comfort won't be required to point her feet as the female Hip-Hop All-Star, and she actually is a pretty sick hip-hop dancer. And we can't forget her show-stopping performance with Twitch in "Forever."

Lauren Gottlieb (Top 6, S3)
After being initial partners with Neil and sharing a kiss in her sultry Rhumba with Dominic in Season 3, Lauren has gone on to perform with the group we hate (but secretly love) - Vocal Adrenaline on Glee. Luckily, she is getting some time off from the defending national champions to represent the areas of Hip Hop, Jazz and Contemporary.

Mark Kanemura (Top 6, S4)
One of the most successful SYTYCD-alums, Mark has danced appeared with Lady Gaga, Carrie Underwood, Janet Jackson and on the Emmys. During Season 4, he brought a wonderful quirkiness and strength to pieces such as the Emmy-nominated "Bleeding Love" and Sonya's "The Garden."

Anya Garnis (Top 12, S3)
Since Pasha was announced as an All-Star, I knew Anya couldn't be far behind. She has been partners with Pasha for nine years, recently appearing on DWTS and Superstars of Dance. Although she didn't make it to the Top 10 of Season 3, Anya was the first official passenger of Mary Murphy's Hot Tamale Train and is touted by Nigel as  one of the show's "best Latin Ballroom partners" ever.

Dominic Sandoval (Top 8, S3)
After we were all subjected to his horrible K-Mart promos last season, I'm glad that b-boy Dominic is returning to SYTYCD to dance, not act. Since competing in Season 3, he joined fellow alums Hok and Ryan in the Quest crew, which went on to win the third season of America's Best Dance Crew.

Courtney Galiano (4th Place, S4)
Spitfire Courtney is returning to SYTYCD this season after finishing 4th in the Season 4 finale. Courtney was part of a charming (and a little too sexually-charged) duo with Gev, and, along with fellow All-Star Mark, helped solidify Sonya's reign as one of SYTYCD's premiere choreographers with "The Garden." I have to admit, I wasn't always a huge fan of Courtney's, but I'm looking forward to seeing her high energy on the stage again.

Neil Haskell (3rd Place, S3)
Season 3's resident hottie is back! The gymnast-turned-dancer was a part of many of the season's most memorable performances - Mandy Moore's table dance with Sabra, Mia Michaels' father-inspired "Time" with Lacey and the royal showdown with Danny, also choreographed by Mia. Neil has since gone on to perform in several Broadway shows, and will certainly be able to help bring out the star power of our Season 7 dancers.
Photos courtesy of Fox
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