Thursday, April 22, 2010

Project Runway - Heidi Wears ESosa

 Photos courtesy of Lifetime and

The blogs have been abuzz after the release of pictures from last night's LA premiere of The Back-Up Plan, the upcoming movie starring J. Lo and Alex O'Loughlin. In attendance at the event was our favorite baby-making, German-catch-phrase-creating Project Runway host Heidi Klum wearing a version of the dress Season 7 finalist Emilio Sosa created for the "Heidi on the Red Carpet" challenge.

Heidi never explicitly promised to wear the dress, but it obviously struck Frau Klum's fancy...with a few noticeable changes. It's no surprise the hem line was brought WAY up, but it also appears the color was changed from copper to a metallic dark purple - and check out those lavender shoes! Of course, Heidi looks stunning - I'm pretty sure she would look gorgeous in a burlap sack (as long as it isn't designed by Ping) - but I'm not quite sold on the ensemble. It has the same impeccable fit, but I sorely miss the dramatic flow from the original. And the one thing that really irked me about the original creation remains - the unintentional waist line. Emilio put a lot of time into creating the under garment for this dress, so why oh why doesn't it lay smooth the whole way down?! That being said, at least she wasn't wearing that God awful ESOSA print.

And, with tonight's finale mere hours away, should we let loose the conspiracy theories about Heidi being on Team Emilio? Hope not... Go Seth Aaron!
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