Friday, April 23, 2010

Project Runway, Season 7 - Finale, Pt. 2 and Reunion

 Photo courtesy of New York Magazine

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven't yet watched last night's Project Runway Season Finale and Reunion Intervention Special, look away before you turn to stone!

If all my years of competitive sports and activities taught me anything, it's that one of the greatest things in the world is a humble winner and a gracious loser. That being said... Karma is a bitch. HA!

Okay, maybe I'm gloating, but tell me all you Tim Gunn fans didn't want to just reach through the TV and smack Emilio for all of his Tim Trash Talk! True, the judges and Tim have differed in opinion more often this season than in seasons past. Still, there is no excuse for disrespecting Papa Gunn - just ask Season 5 finalist Kenley, who constantly disregarded and belittled Tim's advice only to fall short in the finale and end up throwing cats at her boyfriend. Let's say it one more time, all together now... Karma is a bitch. But, alas, I am getting ahead of myself...

With all of the Jay vs. Mila drama last week, it seemed there wasn't time for any more curve balls for the finalists... no surprise extra look, no annoying eliminated contestant assistants, nothing! Just some model selection, trash talking of each other's collections and product placement for Garnier, L'Oreal and Collier Strong. The biggest drama was that wake up call - 2:40am? Hell no. Oh, and a few models didn't show up, which seemed like a big deal but ended up not really mattering because apparently they have some sort of "pick your own lobster model" tank behind the tents with back ups. In any case, it was on with the show!

Seth Aaron was first to show his collection (pictured above). Despite Mila's accusation that it all looked like it came from a high-end Hot Topic, his collection really showed a sophistication and maturity that was sometimes lacking throughout the season. Fortunately, he didn't lose his unique point of view while "growing up"... you could definitely tell each piece came from the mind of Seth Aaron. I loved the mix of black and white with huge pops of color - those leather pants with the yellow plaid accent were beyond fantastic. Sure, that purple dress had me a bit perplexed, but I still found it interesting and exciting. His show was a true 10, and my definite favorite.

Up next was Mila. As I predicted yesterday, the idea of a shadows collection proved to be a bit more interesting than her actual collection. To be sure - I love love loved a lot of her looks. The use of that aubergine color was wonderful, and the transformation of styling from last week's 60s mod girl to this week's modern punk rocker was exactly what the doctor (and the judges) ordered. Still, I couldn't help but feel underwhelmed by her typical use of blocking, and that last look (sparkly flapper dress) felt really disconnected. My favorite look for her was definitely the white shirt with angled stripes and aubergine sweater. I wish her whole collection had gone in that more relaxed, laid back direction because it was gorgeous!

The final spot belonged to Emilio and "Color Me Bad." Note to future Project Runway contestants - do not name your collections. I love to hear what your inspiration was, but beyond that let's let the clothes speak for themselves, shall we? I'm filing "Color Me Bad" right next to Mychael Knight's "Urban Safari" under "Stupid Project Runway Collection Names." Yuck. Anyways, despite all my (subtle) hatred towards Emilio, his collection had some incredible pieces. He can definitely tailor a garment to fit a woman's body beautifully and I appreciated his use of bright colors in a season typically reserved for blacks and grays. That being said, Emilio's collection lacked a little.... je ne sais quois. Nothing felt like a show-stopper until the very end and that green dress, though gorgeous, was a little out of place amongst an entire collection of sportswear. It was like he created nine looks then realized he should probably include a dress. And I know the judges love that ESOSA print, but it looked a little bit like vomit and was just. not. cute. Oh, that and he disrespected Tim Gunn (have I mentioned that yet...), so -10.

I think the best post-show comment about any collection came from everyone's favorite Disney star. No. Not Miley. No. Not Zac Efron. Not Hilary Duff. Keep going back. Right. Raven-Symoné! "It reminded me of the 90s. And I'm totally bringing back the 90s." Yes, Raven, if I were you I'd totally want to bring back the 90s (and, while we're at it, That's So Raven). But leave the rest of us out of it!

Judges deliberation didn't deliver too many surprises. Nina delivered the most balanced critiques, highlighting each designer's strengths and weaknesses, while Michael, Heidi and guest judge Faith Hill seemed to just love everything. As is usually the case, third place is painfully obvious once the judges start talking, so it was down to an Emilio vs. Seth Aaron photo finish. The discussion of judging the season vs. the collection had me a little nervous for my boy Seth Aaron. Would they reward Emilio for his consistency, despite a disappointing collection???? Oh, producers, you did it again! I jumped in the air upon hearing Heidi's joyous "Congratulations." Flowers bloomed, children laughed and good, as always, triumphed over evil. And how sweet was Seth Aaron with his family? [shed single tear]

After all the pomp and circumstance (kind of), it was time for the Project Runway Intervention Special. I mean Reunion. No... I really mean Intervention. But seriously... what was that?! Where were the reels of all the funny things Anthony said? Why was the Tim Gunn catch phrase portion reserved for the credits? Why were so many people apologizing when they didn't really mean it?!

The best line of the night obviously came from Anthony: "I can't give her a kidney. I said I'm sorry and that's it." That was after he apologized to Mila for the unladylike things he said about her in an interview with the New York Post, something along the lines of a "petty 50 year old." Well, he apologized more for calling her 50, not so much petty part. Everyone seemed to be in defense mode, most of all crazy Ping. For someone who supposedly forgot she was on the show, she sure did open up those flood gates once Tim brought up her feud with Jesse. And I know the wound is still fresh, but Emilio needs to lose the Bitter Betty act. It's not a good color on him. Also, apparently there was a lot of drama on Models of the Runway. I certainly had no idea because I'd rather watch grass grow, and I would've much rather the models keep their traps shut and let the designers talk. Poor Janeane couldn't even get a word in, along with... wait, I definitely forgot most of the early-auf'd designers names already. At least we could've gotten more Anthony! Also noticeably absent from the special was Frau Klum, who was probably off delivering quadruplets somewhere.

At the end of Season 6, I begged and pleaded to the reality show gods to bring our beloved Project Runway back to glory. And, for the most part, I think it's safe to say my prayers were answered. Many congratulations to winner Seth Aaron, and I look forward to seeing what Season 8 has offer!
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