Thursday, April 22, 2010

Project Runway, Season 7 - Finale Predictions

Tonight is the night (is the night of love...). A winner will finally be crowned on Project Runway Season of Redemption.... I mean... Season 7. The show is back on its feet after a remarkably terrible sixth season, and the 3 finalists seem poised to win it all. In February, we found out 10 designers showed at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in order to keep the press from leaking the finalists - heck, even Janeane got to show a collection - but after last week's elimination of Jay, we now know the final designers: Emilio, Seth Aaron and Mila.

I would not be surprised by an Emilio victory. He won the most challenges throughout the season and is a definite favorite of the judges - remember how they loved that heinous print and excused that devastatingly terrible bikini disaster? But, as I'm sure Season 2's Daniel Vosovic will gladly tell you, it's not enough to be the Teacher's Pet. Tim expressed major concerns in his collection during his pre-Fashion Week visit, which Emilio of course arrogantly brushed off by saying that "Tim doesn't wear women's clothing." Apparently Emilio is both full of himself and a cross dresser. Maybe it's just his attitude, but it'll seriously take an incredible collection to get me on his side.

Then we have Mila, who squeaked by scarf-wearing Jay in the final showdown to grab the third finalist spot. Her collection is based on shadows, which is a much more interesting theme than her clothes are portraying at this point. I wasn't a huge fan of the three pieces she showed last week, but I am certainly intrigued by the aubergine color she showed Tim during his visit to Los Angeles. If Mila can break out of the blocking, I think she could deliver a winning collection.

That leaves, of course, Mr. Henderson. I am a definite card-carrying member of Team Seth Aaron. His designs are fresh and interesting and show-stopping every time. I have a feeling his wake-up call from Tim was exactly what he needed to push him towards victory. Unfortunately, more than any of the other designers, Seth Aaron runs the most risk of going too far with his collection. We may see too many zippers, hems and buttons, but hopefully he will be able to apply a keen editing eye to his work. His collection is inspired by 1940s Russian spies, so I am hoping for some serious Boris and Natasha looks to go down that runway with all the impeccable tailoring and finesse we have come to expect.

Of course, it won't quite be the same without Anthony - can't we just bring him to the judges deliberation to deliver a few fun catchphrases? - but I am very much looking forward to tonight's finale. Who are you rooting for? Are you Team Mila, Emilio or Seth Aaron? Don't forget to tune in tonight at 10pm/EST to watch it all go down. And in the meantime, check out PopWrap's interview with the 3 finalists, embedded below.

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