Tuesday, May 11, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance, Season 7 - Judge Swap

Beginning about a month and a half ago and in anticipation of the May 27th premiere, the big wigs at So You Think You Can Dance began announcing some pretty huge changes to the format of Season 7. Once the entire roster of All-Stars was unveiled, it looked like all had been revealed.

Nice try.

Yesterday, it was announced that Mia Michaels (!!!) will be joining Nigel Lythgoe and my twin Adam Shankman as the third resident judge. And although not specifically mentioned in the announcement, anyone doing the math knows that four people cannot fill three spots. Looks like Hollywood Week will be the end of Mary Murphy's tenure as resident judge.

As you can imagine, chaos erupted all over the Twitterverse. How could they get rid of our favorite Botoxed Banshee?! Don't we want to see Mia choreograph?? Well, never fear. This morning, my twin Adam Shankman tweeted that Mia will still be able to choreograph group numbers and Mary will be around, presumably in a choreographer role.

The good news? Mia Michaels is no stranger to the SYTYCD judges table, and she is known for giving the highest praise and the most cutting critiques. And when it comes to group numbers, she is the best of the best. And not for nothing, but Mary's critiques were quickly becoming way too "Paula Abdul" for a show that actually gives solid criticism and advice. The bad news? Well, just take a look at American Idol judges this season without their resident crazy - they are boring and bland. Not to mention, who the hell is going to put people on Hot Tamale Train?! "WaooooooaooooooO!OO!O!!!!Oooooooo!!!!!!!!" [direct quote]

In honor of our beloved Mary, here's a tribute from The Soup:

Mary Murphy Wake Up Call
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