Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dance With the Xbox

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Blogging about a video game? Weird, I know. But hear me out - this one is pretty awesome.

Coming this fall from Harmonix, the creators of the Rock Band franchise, Dance Central is bringing video game dancing to the next level. Set to music from Lady Gaga, No Doubt and beyond, players will learn a series of moves and then attempt to keep up with the dancers on the screen. The more accurate you are with the moves, the higher your score.

I know what you're thinking. "Uh, duhhh, haven't you ever played WiiFit? No wonder you don't blog about video games ever. You are such a n00b!" Well back off, nerds. Unlike in previous games, you won't have to hold onto or strap on any sensors or controllers - that's so '80s. Instead, Dance Central utilizes the new Kinect technology (exclusive to Xbox 360), which scans and detects full body movement in 3D from camera sensors, meaning you can jump around and move about freely to more advanced choreography. You can view a preview of the technology here. My how far we've come since the NES Power Pad Controller for Track and Field, huh?

Check out the Dance Central website to see a preview of the game and watch this video of a guy from Mashable trying it out. So far my favorite part of the game is the names of the moves - Dean Lean, Feel Good, Thunderbolt, Hitch Hike... Martha Graham would be so proud.
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