Friday, June 18, 2010

Scissor Sisters and Glee on Jonathan Ross

Photo courtesy of @scissorsisters

Looking at the picture (shown above) posted on the Scissor Sisters' Twitter account, my brain just about exploded. The Scissor Sisters and cast members from Glee together in the same room! They will all be appearing tonight on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross, a BBC One late night talk show featuring comedy, celebrities and music. According to the show's site, Glee stars Chris Colfer, Amber Riley and Matthew Morrison talk about their hopes for a UK tour and a Michael Jaskson-themed episode, while the Scissor Sisters promote their upcoming CD "Night Work."

Okay, so they aren't performing or appearing together, but it got me thinking...

...what Scissor Sisters songs could Glee use? The first one that came to mind was "Take Your Mama," a perfect tribute to Will Schuester's blousy alcoholic of a mother (Josh Groban would love that!). Then there's always "I Don't Feel Like Dancin'," perfect for when the glee club falls into another funk in Season 2. But what about the lesser known songs? I'd love to hear Finn sing "Might Tell You Tonight" (though a bit late as he's already confessed his love to Rachel) or Quinn take on "Kiss You Off."

Am I alone here, gleeks? Certainly there's at least one Scissor Sisters song that could make it into the halls of McKinley High! And can anyone tell me how I can see a tape of tonight's episode of Friday Night with Jonathan Ross? It airs in less than an hour!
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