Friday, June 18, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance, Season 7 - Top 11 Results

Photo courtesy of FOX

And then there were 10. The feeling of getting to the Top 10 this season is a bit different, after all it's only been a week, but there is still a sense that this group of dancers is an elite crop. The night brought some surprises, some let downs and whole lot of crazy - and that was just Usher's performance. Warning: SPOILERS creep around every corner ahead, so if you don't know who was eliminated last night, run away screaming now.

The show began with a high energy routine from new choreographer Tessandra Chavez. Loved the staging, the gold costumes and the remix of Kelis' "Acappella"... definitely looking forward to more from Ms. Chavez. Despite all my criticisms from Wednesday's performance show, I thought all the dancers performed this piece really well, although I could've done without at least 3 or 4 of Melinda's body rolls.

After a few words from Nigel about the upcoming National Dance Day (learn Nappy Tabs' routine here), it was time for some results. Okay, so apparently I should stay away from the casinos, race tracks and convenience store scratch tickets for a little while. I was 0 for 3 in predicting last night's Bottom 3. That doesn't mean I was completely surprised to find Alexie, Melinda and Cristina dancing for their lives, just a little disappointed. I know I am going against the grain when I say I actually liked Alexie and Twitch's hip hop routine, but you cannot deny that Cristina's jazz routine with Mark was far superior to anything we've seen from Adechike thus far. Lauren, Adechike and Ashley - consider yourselves lucky.

Dancing for your life is a strange thing - there is a fine line between not showing enough fire and looking desperate. Melinda's tap solo felt uninspired, and I think we can all agree that she should do her solos without music from now on because it just doesn't translate well on television. After last season's brutal week-after-week elimination of tap dancers, dancing for your life is almost becoming the "kiss of death" for a tapper. Alexie's jazz solo lacked the emotion and release she so desperately needed to display. If anyone saved herself from elimination last night, it was Cristina. Ballroom is a style that is difficult to perform solo - how do you display the best of your style when it's a style that almost always requires intricate partnering? Though a bit underdeveloped, Cristina certainly brought the fire and sass, and was way better than the ballroom solos of Season 6.

As Nigel pointed out, perhaps we were all a little underwhelmed by the contestant's solos last night because of the breathtaking "That's Life" performance from Twyla Tharp's Come Fly With Me. Talk about emotional connection, strength and passion - these two professionals showed us how it's done! It was certainly more entertaining that Usher's train wreck of a performance - seriously, he may have been better off lip syncing that one. And maybe it's just me, but Justin Bieber's dancing in his new video for "Somebody to Love" was so bad I'm pretty sure it was meant to be a joke. No? Just bad? Yikes. Thank goodness for his backup dancers - he should probably let them take over next time. (Hold on. Checking for Bieber Fever...... Test results: Negative.)

At the end of the night, the judges unanimously decide to let cute as a button Alexie go. After trying to get on the show for years and years, it had to hurt to be the first one eliminated. Poor thing. With 4 girls and 6 guys left, the ladies are going to need to step up their game if they want half a chance of having a female victory in Season 7. And most importantly, as I said yesterday, Robert is going to need to tone down those practiced surprise faces before I start going ballistic.
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