Tuesday, July 6, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance, Season 7 - Top 9 Results

Photo courtesy of FOX

Well that was pretty anticlimactic, huh? If there was ever a great case for shortening the results shows to a half-hour, this was it.

First off, let's discuss the group number. To be sure, I am a huge fan of Carl Orff's famed cantata Carmina Burana - I even went and saw it performed at the Sydney Opera House (no, not the only reason for the trip). And while "O Fortuna" is certainly the most well-known excerpt from the piece, it is also the most overused. It's time to pick a new piece of music, choreographers, especially after Brandon's killer Season 5 solo to it. Needless to say, the group number was underwhelming and set the tone for the night.

Then there were the guest performances - one featuring the cast of Viva Elvis and the other featuring Ne-Yo and some strippers dancers. Viva Elvis is the latest in Cirque du Soleil's lineup of Vegas shows based off the music of their ticket buyers' generation (note: despite my snarkiness, I am still dying to see LOVE). Choreographed by an odd duo of Nappy Tabs and Mandy Moore, the whole piece played out like a parody of the recruitment scene in Across the Universe. And, yes, it's okay if you didn't remember Viva dancers Chris Johns and Marquis from Season 4 - there's not much to remember. And as for Ne-Yo, when your performance is stranger than that of a Cirque du Soleil production, there's a serious problem. I was pleased that he learned a valuable lesson from Usher's performance a few weeks ago and decided to abandon any attempt to actually sing, though it would've been nice if there was some substance to the rest of the production (like, you know, choreography).

The night wasn't all bad, of course. The rumored return of "The Garden" turned out to be based in glorious truth, and the Sonya Tayeh piece featuring Mark and Courtney felt as exciting and fresh as it did back in Season 4. I'm a big fan of letting the All-Stars bring back some old routines and despite the fact that I now skip over all Chris Brown songs that come up on my iPod, I'm hoping that Twitch and Comfort will be reprising "Forever" in the coming weeks!

Of course, this is called the results show for a reason - it can't just be about dancers acting like soldiers and prostitutes! Melinda, Billy Bell and Robert found themselves in the Bottom Three this week, and I cannot say I'm completely surprised. Of course, I would've replaced Robert with Adechike, but I'm not crying over it. Robert delivered another solo that once again deserved some comparisons to Mark, and Melinda's a cappella tap dance was a welcome change from the previous weeks' solos. Billy's solo, on the other hand, was a little.... desperate. The judges implored him to bring emotion and connect with the audience, and all I saw was a bunch of empty steps.

After quickly dismissing the boys from the stage, Uncle Nigel promised Melinda that even though America definitely didn't like her and the judges quickly came to agree, she would still work somewhere someday. Thanks for the sympathy, Nigel.

So, all in all, a pretty predictable evening. Now with only two girls left, I wouldn't be surprised to see the judges start leveling the playing field next week and start kicking out some of these boys. Who do you think is in danger? Will Robert's second week in the Bottom Three take a toll or inspire him to push harder? Is Billy Bell on his way out? Or are we going to find ourselves with a Top 6 that is all guys?
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