Tuesday, July 13, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance, Season 7 - Top 8 Results

Photo Courtesy of FOX

You guys, it's taken me almost a full week to be able to talk about the Top 8 results night, and even still the wounds are still fresh.

The unthinkable has occurred, and after suffering an Achilles tendon injury, Alex Wong has been eliminated from the competition. That's right... Alex Freakin' Wong. Not only the dancer with the most heart or the dancer with the most talent, but both. The front runner! This was the season in which the best dancer would finally be the favorite dancer. But the SYTYCD gods had a different story in mind, so we are left with a Wong-less Top 7.

It should be briefly mentioned that although Billy Bell's presence in the Bottom Three was not at all surprising (and had Alex's injury been less severe, Billy Bell would've been the one packing), Ashley was a huge surprise. Almost as much of a surprise as Mia Michaels' (completely unnecessary) apology to Adechike.

So, yes, the results night was chock full of tumultuous moments, but it's time to just focus on Mr. Wong. One of the worst parts of this injury is that we won't even be able to see his best routines performed again during the finale. So, in honor of our favorite dancer, the rightful winner of Season 7, here is a rundown of his best moments on the show this season.

Tears for Alex Wong.

Now that Alex is gone, who is your favorite? Call me crazy, but I'm starting to be on Team Ashley. Do you think the clock is ticking for Billy Bell and Adechike? And is Jose's "Get Out of Jail Free Card" about to expire? And, most importantly, do you care who wins now??
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