Friday, July 16, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance, Season 7 - Top 7 Results

Photo courtesy of FOX

Okay, so I know this show has gone through a lot of changes this season, but I didn't realize that becoming So You Think You Can Dance: Survival of the Fittest was one of them. Apparently instead of choosing America''s favorite dancer, we will just wait until America's least injured dancer emerges out of a pile of broken limbs and bandages (sorry - that was gross).

But seriously - once Alex Wong was injured, Ashley emerged as a front-runner and now is gone due to injury, too. With only six dancers left, are we going to end up with an Adechike vs. Jose finale by default? [shudder]

Other than that depressingly awful elimination, the evening was actually one of the most enjoyable results shows this season, starting with Tyce Diorio's Broadway routine that displayed some of his most interesting uses of staging and layering to date. There were also several guest performances, including an adorable Jive by 10 year-old Fernando Martin-Gullans and 11 year-old Lauren Vayser from Mary Murphy's Champion Ballroom Academy and an excerpt by Jamar Roberts and Rachael McLaren from the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre that I will simply refer to as "White Spandex." And I obviously jumped off the couch before, during and after Twitch and Comfort brought back their Season 4 Dave Scott hip hop routine to Chris Brown's "Forever" (apparently we can like his music again - send out a memo).

Then, of course, there was "Jar of Hearts." I, like many of you, became utterly obsessed with Christina Perri's "Jar of Hearts" after Billy Bell and Kathryn performed to it two weeks ago in a Stacey Tookey contemporary routine. Watching Miss Perri performing the song at a grand piano with a trio of string players while Neil and Allison danced a breathtaking duet to it brought my obsession to a whole other level. Even better? Two weeks ago, the singer/songwriter was working as a waitress hoping to somehow break into the music business. Now she's on the Billboard Top 100 and sold over 47,500 downloads of "Jar of Hearts" in her opening week. Not too shabby at all! (Check out Entertainment Weekly's Q&A to find out more about how Christina Perri busted into the spotlight)

Of course, we couldn't just watch guest performances all night. We had to find out who would join Ashley in the Bottom Three. Somehow (oh, Lord, how?!) Adechike escaped the clutches of the Bottom Three once again, while Jose found himself in danger for the first time and Billy Bell danced for his life for the third week in a row. While Billy Bell's solo was full of great technique, it lacked any sort of emotional connection (and, too be honest, was incredibly boring). Jose, of course, had the opposite problem - that boy was fighting to stay on the show, but after watching Twitch and Comfort throw down, Jose's solo completely missed the mark in technical proficiency. Not that any of it mattered, of course, because poor Ashley and her fractured rib were sent packing as I flailed on my floor screaming at the SYTYCD gods.

Now that yet another front-runner is gone, I'm finding myself on Team Robert while also rooting for Kent and Lauren, which means all three of them will probably end up with injuries next week [karma cap].

What about you, fellow judgers? Were you as underwhelmed by Billy Bell's solo as I was? Who are you rooting for going into next week's Top 6?  And are you looking forward to the upcoming fall tour now that it's been announced that dancers from Season 6, Season 7 and the All-Stars will be performing? Sound off in the comments!
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