Friday, July 23, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance, Season 7 - Top 6 Results

Photo courtesy of FOX

Cat Deeley said it best at the end of last night's So You Think You Can Dance results show: "We just make this show up as we go along!" Yes, the confusion of Season 7 continued last night. Are there any rules on this show anymore...?

Of course, as in any Twilight Zone-esque scenario, it didn't start out terribly bizarre. We were treated to an exciting group number to an almost unrecognizable version of "All That Jazz." I was convinced the entire time watching the routine that it had to be a Mia Michaels creation, but alas it was new choreographer Kelley Abbey, who thankfully had the brains to feature Mark for the majority of the number (please, producers, let us see more Mark!).

For all the craziness that's been happening around the SYTYCD universe lately, I have to say that I am loving the increase in guest dancers on results nights. This week featured a solo performance from Top 24 dancer DJ Smart during which I could not take my eyes off of his legs (did you see the size of his quads? Good lord!), two dancers from the American Ballet Theater performing an excerpt from "Don Quixote" that made me want to watch Center Stage immediately (is that wrong...?) and the All-Star "Throwback of the Week," which this week brought Neil and Lauren back together for their Wade Robson "Night of the Dancing Flame" routine (not my favorite, but any excuse to watch those two dance is a-okay by me).

Now certainly we could've found another guest dancer to replace the misery that was Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull's performance of "I Like It." It was bad enough when Cat only referred to the washed-up Grammy-winner as "Enrique" (what is he now, Madonna?), but then he came out on stage looking fresh off a hit of some illegal substance: wide-eyed, disoriented, slightly look of paranoia on his face. Yikes. Also, I'm pretty sure Pitbull didn't know a single word of his rap. 

If only "I Like It" had been the most confusing part of the evening. No, that award goes to the actual results. First of all, someone please explain to me how Adechike keeps escaping the Bottom Three while Robert practically lives there! Sure, he didn't exactly get the luck of the draw on Wednesday with a forgettable jazz routine and a ballroom piece, but how can America continue to find Adechike better? I just don't get it. Unsurprisingly, Jose was in the Bottom Three again and it looked pretty clear that if Billy Bell was cleared by his doctors, Jose would be sent packing.

Not so fast.

In a giant verbal bitch slap, Nigel said what we had all secretly been thinking: if Billy Bell's doctors had cleared him for Wednesday's performance show, how was he allowed to sit out anyways? Giving him a "Get Out of Jail Free Card" would likely lead to more dancers in the future opting out due to minor injuries. And while the safety of the dancers is of utmost importance, this is a competition and you have to fight (and, most importantly, dance) to stay. At the same time, Jose is clearly out of his league at this point in the competition and should probably have gone home two or three weeks ago. And then there's Robert, who shouldn't have been in the bottom at all. So obviously the judges had a tough decision to make: kick off Jose and let Billy Bell's confusing behavior slide or kick off Billy Bell and keep a much less talented dancer in the mix.

So which choice did the judges go with? Neither, of course. No one was kicked off last night and two dancers will be sent home next week. A confusing decision, for sure. Personally, I would've felt better had they just sent both Billy Bell and Jose home, but I suppose we couldn't just go immediately to a Top 4 with two weeks left until the finale. And in a season where apparently anything goes, why not mix it up a little bit more?

What did you think, fellow judgers? Do you understand why Adechike has never been in the Bottom Three? How would you have handled the judges' difficult decision? And do you agree that we should just stop having musical guests on this show? Sound off below!
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