Monday, August 2, 2010

Magical Monday Moments: Teresa Giudice Sizzles

Photo courtesy of Sizzle Tans Facebook Page

Why, oh why, do we love the Real Housewives franchise? Why do we suffer through endless hours of crazy-eyed Ramona Singer, certifiably insane Kelly Killoren Bensimon, paranoid fugitive Danielle Staub and husband killer who is then dated that disgusting sleaze Slade widow Gretchen Rossi? I will tell you why. It's for those magical moments like the New Jersey table flip... and this...

Yes that's right. Now along with stage mom, table flipper and bankrupt housewife, Teresa Giudice can add "Award-Winning Sizzle Tans Commercial Actress" to her resume. Well, maybe not award-winning, but she is at least the star of this week's Magical Monday Moment!

What is your favorite part, fellow judgers? Is it the magical door reveal at the beginning? Teresa's wonky yellow bathing suit as she is getting sprayed? Or perhaps is it the fact that she needs to tan and spray in order to get that signature orange Jersey glow?

One thousand thanks to for uncovering this remarkable gem. Happy Monday, everyone!
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