Friday, August 20, 2010

Project Runway, Season 8 - Episode 4

Hats off to you all, fellow judgers!

Okay - lame jokes over (that's probably a lie). After last week's Project Runway party store challenge that amped up the talent, the drama and the excitement, this week's episode took a step backwards in everything except the drama. The bad news - none of the garments really delivered a great 'wow' moment. The good news - the designers are at the their most entertaining as they talk smack about everyone else.

Last night, Ivy returned from the hospital and we all wondered why it was a big deal in the first place, Michael Costello missed his sun on Father's Day, Casanova revealed that Latino cats only have seven lives and Kristin came out in the biggest shock of never. Now that all of that is out of the way... onto the challenge!

  • Challenge: The models entered the runway wearing the outlandish hat stylings of one Mr. Philip Treacy and the designers were charged with creating a garment to compliment the hat of their model. Some of the hats had very obvious inspirations (orchid flowers) and others looked like the lovechild of Lady Gaga and Tim Burton [shudder].
  • Judges & Tim: Philip Treacy was the guest judge this week, and although he had some interesting criticisms, I'm not sure anyone told him it would be broadcast on television. The man was as plain as dry toast. Luckily we had Michael, Nina and Heidi to spice up the judging panel as per usual. Bonus points to Heidi's horribly awkward entrance to "Kiss From a Rose" by her husband Seal while wear a rose hat. Was someone on the editing team double dog dared to put that in?! Meanwhile, Tim was busy in the trenches trying to convince the designers to stop making such horrible decisions, especially Casanova who continues to be clue free.
  • Bottom Three:
    • Kristin - With one of the most obvious inspirations, it's amazing that Kristin wasn't able to shine in this challenge. Didn't she see Daniel Vosovic's orchid dress in Season 2? This wasn't even close. Not only was there no correlation between the dress and the hat, but it was poorly constructed, too. The pink fabric looked tacked on, creating a look that wasn't sexy or joyous.
    • April - Okay, yes, this outfit was not constructed well. But, don't hate me for this, I did not mind the shorts. I know they looked kind of like a diaper, but I think she pulled off short shorts way better than most designers have in the past. It all fit perfectly with the Dr. Suess-ian beach hat, the jacket was well constructed and there were garments that were far worse that ended up safe (yes, Andy, I'm talking about you). Side Note: if Michael Kors said the word "panty" one more time I was going to spontaneously combust. Gross.
    • Christopher Collins - Say what?! I did not see this one coming at all. When his look rounded the corner I thought, "Great floral fabric! Super cute! Top Three for sure!" The judges, however, thought it was stiff, overdesigned and not fragile enough for the hat it was paired with. And they thought the fabric looked like drapes. Like Peach and Co., I was shocked.
  • Top Three:
    • Michael Drummond - At first, I could not have liked this outfit less. The mirroring of the hat shape in the neckline was unappealing at best and the cardboard fabric looked cheap and out of place. Over time, I started to appreciate what the judges saw - cool execution of the skirt (love that we got to see the ironing technique he used) and the use of different textures that brought out the dynamic qualities of the hat. Certainly not my cup of tea, but I guess Gretchen can't be in the Top Three every time, huh?
    • Valerie - Another dress that I questioned being in the Top Three. One of the only looks in which the garment stood out more than the hat, but only because she was paired with a tiny black mask. Really liked the white shrug jacket, but the dress seemed a little too Plain Jane for me and you know I loathe this new chunky zipper trend. It needs to go away now.
    • Michael Costello - After ditching his first dress with more than good reason (that front seam was atrocious), the happy dad churned out a cute dress with one of the best color choices of the night. The contrast between the strong "lobster hat" with the iridescence and flow of the skirt was fantastic, not to mention that hot open back. I was a bit concerned by the fit on top, but overall a decent look. Was it something that will be remembered for seasons to come? Hell no. We'll actually probably forget about it in a week or two. But well made and true to the challenge will get you a win more often than not.
  • Honorable Mention: Gretchen produced yet another great look this week that probably should've landed her back in the Top Three. Loved the jungle warrior vibe and the use of prints to accent the feathers in the hat. Meanwhile, she continues to be super judgmental and I don't mind.
  • Dishonorable Mention: You guys, I love Peach. I really do. I want her to come hang out with me and we can watch Project Runway together and talk about everyone and laugh and sip martinis. But she was not right this week. Not one bit. That pink couch fabric fought for attention with the black and white striped spiral peacock hat (that's the best description I could muster) and the whole look was just a complete eyesore. Turn it around, Peach!
  • And the winner is: Michael Costello! Happy Father's Day! The other designers were all like "WTF?!" and I was like "Yeah, I know - but just let him." Not memorable, but a better choice than Susan Lucci Valerie.
  • Auf Wiedersehen to: Kristin. It was definitely her time to go. Did she produce one good look on the show? Negative. And her bitchiness in her confessionals were never as fun as she thought they were. Sorry, Miss Thang - you gots ta go!
So a slightly disappointing week, especially considering the exciting challenge presented to them. In almost every instance the hat overshadowed the garment - total bummer. But just in case you thought things were a little too boring in Project Runway land, just wait until next week when the designers are grouped into teams of six. It's pretty much a guaranteed shit show.

In the meantime, what did you think? Do you wish the designers had kicked it up a notch? Are you wondering why Ivy is so bitchy even though she has yet to produce an interesting garment? Were you as surprised by who ended up in the Top and Bottom Three this week? And will you be having nightmares about Michael Kors incessantly saying the word 'panty'? Sound off in the comments!
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