Wednesday, August 11, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance, Season 7 - The Beginning of the End

Photo courtesy of FOX

Ladies and gentlemen, we have our So You Think You Can Dance Season 7 finalists: Robert, Kent and Lauren. My humblest apologies for the lack of a results night review last week, but to be honest I was too busy jumping for joy around my living room and my initial draft of the post was in all caps and said something about "THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN!"... I think we're all better off it never made it to the web.

Of course, I am beyond thrilled that Adechike was eliminated and Robert continued on into the finale. Tonight, the Top 3 will battle it out to see who will become America's Favorite Dancer. Now, not to be bitter or anything - but remember last season when we had six finalists and the performance finale was only one hour long? Well tonight's episode with half as many finalists is twice as long (if I were Jakob I'd be uber-pissed), which means the Top 3 will most likely be busting out solos and two routines, and we might even get another All-Star routine in there to boot.

Kent is undoubtedly the front-runner going into tonight's finale, though Nigel decided to make it clear in an interview last week that the young Wapakonetan has not always received the most number of votes despite having never been in the Bottom Three. All three finalists are incredibly talented and deserving of the win, but I cannot help rooting for Robert to take it all. I love a good dark horse, plus any hopes I had of the best dancer and the favorite dancer being the same all went out the window when Alex Wong was eliminated due to his injury (sad face).

So make sure you tune in tonight, and then vote early, often and for Robert!
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