Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Trailer Tuesdays: Burlesque

Photo courtesy of Sony Pictures

This week's Trailer Tuesday is brought to you by what will undoubtedly be one of my most embarrassing guilty pleasure movies of the year. Like a moth to the flame burned by the fire, I will without a doubt see the upcoming train wreck that is Burlesque.

Out in theaters November 24th, the movie musical tells the story of "a small-town girl who discovers a burlesque club in LA." You know, the classic story of girl leaves small town for the big city, girl finds trashy bar and wants to be a part of the vaudeville sleazefest, head matron of said sleazefest resists until girl shines in an unexpected moment of truth. Why does that sound so familiar...? Oh right, because it's the identical plot of Coyote Ugly, just on a different coast.

Still, I simply cannot resist the temptation of Xtina, Cher, Kristen Bell, Stanley Tucci, Alan Cumming, Eric Dane and Cam Gigandet all wrapped up into a movie musical. Now if only Cher would scream "Do we serve water in this bar?!" and drench Eric Dane in water as Stanley Tucci chants "Hell no, H20!" If only...

Take a look at the trailer - I dare you not to think of Chicago, Center Stage, The Devil Wears Prada, Moulin Rouge! and Coyote Ugly. I also dare you to not want to see it despite all of that.

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