Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Trailer Tuesdays: Easy A

 Image courtesy of IMDB.com

Confession: I hated The Scarlet Letter. American classic? Sure. Dull as watching grass grow? Definitely. I'm all for descriptive imagery-filled writing, but Nathaniel Hawthorne pretty much put me to sleep as he used 3 pages to describe a forest. Maybe I'm a product of the declining American attention span, but I'd much prefer we keep the action moving along, thank you very much.

Still, the concept of Hester Prynne's village-wide scandal (and famous fashion accessory) was certainly interesting, and apparently the folks at SONY Pictures agree. Easy A tells the story of high schooler Olive Penderghast who inadvertently creates a reputation around school as a bit of a floozy and suffers the consequences. Check out the trailer below:

Yes, this looks like a silly romantic comedy that will probably use about half a brain cell to watch. But how can you say no Emma Stone, Stanley Tucci, Cougar Town's Dan Byrd, Judy Blume references, out-of-retirement Amanda Bynes and Penn Badgley as someone named Woodchuck Todd??

The answer is you can't. So get ready for September 17th.
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