Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Apprentice Premieres Tonight

Image courtesy of NBC

After three seasons of overstuffed celebrity editions (though how could you not love watching Cyndi Lauper's craziness every week), The Apprentice returns tonight for its 10th season. And in addition to boardroom drama, Trump-ian comb overs and never-ending product placement, this season comes with a special and sure-to-be-emotional theme.

Each of the 16 contestants this season suffered great losses during the recent economic recession and The Apprentice is giving them the opportunity to get back on their feet. Here's the trailer, and I dare you to not feel the tug on your heart strings:

NBC, you had me at "There's nothing more American than a second chance." We can all relate to the troubles the last few years have brought to our economy and job market, if not personally than certainly through a close friend or relative. And although The Apprentice will certainly be dramatic and cutthroat (The Donald told EW this season has the best boardrooms ever), it's nice to see the show take this angle.

In addition to this incredibly inspiring theme, I am even more excited to watch this season because of contestant Steuart Martens, cousin of my roommate (and Hiker in Heels writer) Arestia and the man wearing the spiffy pink tie in the clip above. According to his bio on, the recession forced the 27 year-old Washington, D.C. resident to close two of his four companies and lay off his entire staff. Now Steuart is ready to take on the competition and win it all (the winner gets a six-figure salary and a position within The Trump Organization). Watch his introduction video to see why he thinks he has what it takes:

So tune in tonight at 9pm EST for the two hour premiere, cheer on Steuart and hope he doesn't hear those infamous words... "You're fired!"
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