Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fall 2010 TV Lineup

Image courtesy of ABC

After a summer full of fist pumps, bloodsuckers, hair-pulling housewives and dancing divas - it's time for fall season premieres! With The Apprentice starting tomorrow night, it's time to get my DVR prepped and ready to go. I have a busy TV schedule this year (watch out Thursdays) and there are a few shows that are being added to the roster.

8-8:30pm How I Met Your Mother (CBS) - Starts Sept 20
10-11pm Hawaii Five-0 (CBS) - Starts Sept 20

CBS definitely controls my Mondays, but not as much as usual now that The Big Bang Theory is moving to Thursdays. I'm looking forward to a better season of HIMYM - is it possible we will get a series ending conclusion in Season 6? And I am willing to give the Hawaii Five-0 reboot a chance - if only for Lost's Daniel Dae Kim, Battlestar Galactica's Grace Park and Hollywood hunk Alex O'Loughlin.

8-9pm Glee (FOX) - Starts Sept 21
9:30-10pm Running Wilde (FOX) - Starts Sept 21

Tuesdays belongs to FOX. I am more than ready for Glee's sophomore season - and it looks like it's going to be a great one (check out a preview here). And although new show Running Wilde looks like it'd be better fit as a movie, I'll try it out just so I can watch Will Arnett and Kerri Russell together.

9-9:30pm Modern Family (ABC) - Starts Sept 22
9:30-10pm Cougar Town (ABC) - Starts Sept 22

Wednesdays used to be a busy night for me, but with Glee on Tuesdays and American Idol on break until at least January, I can sit back, relax and tune into ABC's two hilarious sophomore series. I cannot wait to start drinking red wine with my favorite group of friends - the cast of Cougar Town (pictured above). And Modern Family will have a lot of pressure to live up to expectations now that they've taken home the Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series; though, based on the clip below, it doesn't appear they will be having any issues.

8-8:30pm The Big Bang Theory (CBS) - Starts Sept 23
8-8:30pm Community (NBC) - Starts Sept 23
8:30-9pm 30 Rock (NBC) - Starts Sept 23
9-9:30pm The Office (NBC) - Starts Sept 23
9-10pm Grey's Anatomy (ABC) - Starts Sept 23
9-10:30pm Project Runway (Lifetime) - Currently Running
10-11pm The Apprentice (NBC) - Starts Sept 16 (2 hr premiere starts at 9pm)

I wasn't kidding when I said Thursdays were going to be crazy. The Big Bang Theory's move puts it in direct competition with Community's second season (and if you haven't seen last year's paintball episode - watch it immediately). I can't wait for a new season of 30 Rock, especially the live episode on October 14th. With so many series competing for attention at 9pm, I may have to punish The Office for a ho-hum Season 5 and remove it from the DVR - see you on Hulu! Meanwhile, I am looking forward to seeing how the folks at Seattle Grace rebuild from last season's hospital shooting on Grey's Anatomy and I am already loving Season 8 of Project Runway (for reviews - click here). If I can make it through all of that, I'll be cheering on Hiker in Heels writer Arestia's cousin Steuart as he battles it out for a job with The Donald on The Apprentice. Whew - I'm exhausted just thinking about it!

8-9pm The Amazing Race (CBS) - Starts Sept 26 (90 min premiere starts at 8:30pm)

And of course my week will end (or begin?) with Phil Keoghan and The Amazing Race. The clip of the racer being hit in the face with a watermelon is already a viral sensation... hopefully the rest of the season will follow suit.

So, fellow judgers, what are you setting your DVRs for? Are you tackling a huge lineup on Thursdays like me, or is there another night that will be keeping you glued to your TV? What new fall shows will you be giving a chance? And are there any shows you aren't giving a second chance? Sound off in the comments!
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