Thursday, September 30, 2010

Family Jules: The Kiss and Let Yourself Go

Images courtesy of ABC

Season 2 of ABC's hilarious comedies Modern Family and Cougar Town continued last night with fantastic laughs in each. Let's take a look at the best moments from each episode...

Modern Family
Season 2, Episode 2: "The Kiss"
Cam and Mitchell get in an argument about PDAs, Gloria gets offended when Jay mocks her beliefs and Phil tries to hook up a printer to impress Jay. Meanwhile, Alex finally starts to show interest in a boy only to have it almost ruined by the meddling of Claire and Haley.
"Built up resentment, money issues, ran off with a younger lid?... He blew his lid when she tried to contain him?" - Phil, who is a beatbox master and has a paint-related gag reflex, brainstorms the separation of Tupperware tops and bottoms.

"One - gays don't high five. Two - gays don't high five." - Cam, who wants to be kissed in public so badly he'll dive over a couch but would prefer not to be called Mitchell's lover, thank you. Also - almost getting a turkey in bowling is totally a kiss-worthy event. Put it on the list.

"Beats slapping the chicken." - Jay, who had learn the most important Colombian custom ("you mess with us, we mess with you") the hard way.

"I thought you might be a lesbian. You totally have the sandals for it." - Haley to Alex, who thinks Notting Hill was a really underrated movie.

"I was driven home one night by the police because my boyfriend and I had gone swimming in somebody's pool and we didn't have bathing suits... and blah blah blah, the details aren't important..." - Claire, who watches too much Dateline.
Cougar Town
Season 2, Episode 2: "Let Yourself Go"
Travis gets ready to leave for college, sending Jules to Crazy Town and Bobby towards the World Wide Web while Ellie and Andy disagree on sharing Stan stories with the group.
"Oh, Jelly Bean. Are you confusing college with that management training course that you took at the Waffle House?" - Ellie, whose biggest fear is waking up with a sensible mom haircut and jeans up to her armpits.

"I ate dead baby lasagna?!" - Grayson, who despises being greeted like he's entering a Japanese restaurant

"A blog is like a diary, but you want everyone to read it. Like if you get bad service at a restaurant, you blog it and then you get a free meal at that restaurant. But then you wonder, did they just lure me back here so they could spit in my food? So you blog that and then they take you to court." - Laurie, who was driven crazy by sorority politics when she went imagined going to college.

"Make big." - Bobby, who catches buses with his fishing rod, attempts to enlarge a font on the web, which is like a spider web except the webs are invisible and the spiders are nerds.

"It smells just like him - a combination of self-doubt and lavender." - Jules, who used to violently pinch baby Travis and now takes him on dangerous motorcycle rides just so he'll squeeze her tight.

And, of course, my two favorite new catchphrases: "Wine up, everybody!" and "Slap out of it!" because, really, what is snapping going to accomplish?
What did you think? Were you creeped out by the not-so-real ghosts of Gloria's abuela and Baby Stan? Did it warm your heart to see Jay give Mitchell a kiss for the first time since he was twelve? And how long will it be until you see if Andy was correct about the difficulty of chugging Pinot Noir?
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