Monday, September 20, 2010

Magical Monday Moments: Glee Interactive Video Game

As you may have read on here before (like here or here or here), I'm kind of a big Gleek. I know - big surprise. And you may or may not have read that I'm getting really excited for tomorrow night's Glee Season 2 premiere. So imagine my delight upon discovering the following gem (and this week's Magical Monday Moment) thanks to the folks at Vulture:

Behold: a Pokémon-style interactive video game based on Glee! Watch the opening sequence and at the end, you get to choose how Mr. Schue proceeds.

I especially love the locker room level with Finn and Schue ("How about if I plant these drugs in your locker?"... "Okay, I'll join"). And the video game music just makes me smile.

If you'd like a helpful tip - don't tell Mr. Schue to do Barbershop, no matter how much you hate when he raps. And if you can get as far as the 8-bit "Bad Romance," "Bohemian Rhapsody," and "Don't Stop Believin'"... it's totally worth it.

Stay tuned for more Glee-ful posts as we get closer and closer to tomorrow's premiere. I'm Gleeking out!
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