Thursday, October 7, 2010

Family Jules: I'm a Mob Wife

Images courtesy of ABC

Safety was the name of the game last night on Modern Family and Cougar Town with an earthquake shaking things up and Neighborhood Watch protecting and serving spying. Let's take a look at the best moments...

Modern Family
Season 2, Episode 3: "Earthquake"
An earthquake leaves Claire stuck in the bathroom and gives Phil a chance to fix the house before she gets out. Mitchell uses the quake as an excuse to get out of brunch and Gloria sees it as a sign that Jay should start going back to church.
"Sometimes when God closes a door, he closes it so hard your wife can't get out." - Phil, who doesn't want to play 'Good Cop/Mom'

"One date. It was the '90s. We had just lost Princess Di." - Cameron, who knows how to handle a Victorian fan and whose cloak has paid for itself (... has it?)

"Do you what menstruation is?! Because I do!" - Manny, who had to watch a very disturbing video in his Girl's Health class

"Oh, Pepper's done the impossible. He's made two gay men hate brunch." - Mitchell, who doesn't want to go to Oscar Wilde and Crazy Brunch or Seder-day Night Fever (... I do)

"I'm a mob wife." - Cameron, who doesn't mind taking the mink coat that fell off the back of the truck.

Of course, I have to profess my love for Nathan Lane as Pepper Salzman—fantastic. Too bad he's going to die in a quaint Spanish revival outside Palm Springs...
(Badly Titled) Cougar Town
Season 2, Episode 3: "Makin' Some Noise"
With Travis away at college, Jules starts to smother Grayson, who in turn decides to encourage the formation of a Neighborhood Watch just so she can worry about something else. Meanwhile, Ellie loves her new nanny but has no interest in being her friend and Bobby visits Travis to relive old glory days.
"Mongo, flip me." - Ellie, who will suck it up and play Scrabble while sipping tea if she has to.

"I say 'Back up off me baby, I'm a grown man, I make my own decisions.' Just not to her face."  - Grayson, who looks better in glasses and wears jeans that make it look like he forgot to put his ass on that day.

"I used to rock in jean shorts and a half shirt. Then the girls went and stole the whole look!" - Bobby, who wants Travis to stop making that noise when he throws things

"Tonight - we take back the sac!" - Jules, who physically cannot sit down in her Standing Up Jeans

"I'm not riding my dad's musk." - Travis, a.k.a. Square Head, SH, Not Bobby, Quiet Badass.

"Neighborhood Watch sucks. Wine and Spy rocks!" - Jules, who isn't above drinking Tom's Sweaty Foot wine.

"Chess with a monkey, bitch. You just got owned and served!" - Laurie, who once lived in a women's prison.
What did you think? Would it have been bad for the gays if Mitchell and Cameron were found dead in those clothes? Do you agree with Alex that you're never alone with books? And are you hoping that Andy relives the Cuban Muscle Crisis every week?!
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