Monday, October 4, 2010

Magical Monday Moments: Dog Washing on The Apprentice

Image courtesy of NBC

I can remember being on a JetBlue flight six years ago on the night of The Apprentice Season 1 finale and seeing almost every screen on the plane tuned in to NBC to see who would be hired - Bill or Kwame (six year old spoiler alert: Bill won). There's no doubt that the show gained major popularity because of its endless boardroom drama and The Donald's addictive catch phrase "You're fired." But it's not always the tension and screaming that make the show something worth watching, which brings me to this week's Magical Monday Moment (and a slight rant):

Reason Number One for Loving This Clip: Steuart's accent instantly makes me think of Hector Gorgonzolas from America's Sweethearts (played brilliantly by Hank Azaria).

Reason Number Two for Loving This Clip: With less than wonderful ratings, it seems to me like The Apprentice should start including more of these scenes in the actual episodes instead of exiling them to online bonus clips. In an attempt to find the next Omarosa-type character, this season has focused way too much on the inane psycho-babble of Mahsa and David, whose voices now make my skin crawl. We need candidates to root for in addition to ones to hate. Maybe if NBC showed some of the candidates as actual likable people (and having met Steuart, I can tell you he falls in that category) we would have a reason to tune in.
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