Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New Dance Central Demo Video Released

Image courtesy of IGN

You may recall a few months ago reading my post about Dance Central, a game coming to the Xbox 360 that utilizes new Kinect technology to allow players to perform advanced choreography. The more accurate your moves, the higher your score. Despite my total lack of gaming abilities, this is one game that has my So You Think You Can Dance-loving heart all aflutter.

And now a new video demo of the game has been released! Check it out:

First of all—yes, I want those shoes. Just kidding (kind of).

This game is no joke. If you've tried to do any of the "performance sports" using the Wii, most of it is executed by simply arm and foot movements. The Kinect technology, however, can read full body motion and, thus, requires far more commitment to the movement. It will certainly be interesting to see how easy it is to see things like "Wipe 'n Dip" and "Cow Girl" and know exactly what move to do (I imagine there is some sort of training along the way).

Dance Central hits stores next month. Get ready to bust a move!
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