Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Project Runway, Season 8 - Who Is Going to Fashion Week?

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It feels like this season of Project Runway has been going on for years. Remember Jason in the bowler hat and the party store challenge? They feel like distant shadows of the past! Though the journey has been long, the end is now close at hand.

On tomorrow night's episode, we'll find out who will advance to compete at Fashion Week! Check out the preview below:

Any else get Battlestar Galactica flashbacks as Tim dramatically calls out "The Final Five"?

Of course, there won't be five for long, assuming they don't pull a Season 3 and send four to the finale (or a Season 4/5 and have four designers create collections and only allow three to compete). So who are the Top Three going to be? Here are my predictions...

Top Three: 7x (including 3 wins)
Safe: 3x
Bottom Three: 1x
Our lovable Mondo is certainly the judge favorite of the season and I imagine the fan favorite, too (it's certainly true around these parts). He has more Top Three appearances and wins than any of the other designers and his bright and colorful point of view clearly sets him apart. A shoe-in for the finale and the current favorite for the win.
Top Three: 5x (including 2 wins)
Safe: 4x
Bottom Three: 2x (including Bottom Two once)
Yes, we love to hate her. Yes, she has made some serious missteps along the way (I'm still trying to forget that awful feathery velvet dress). And, yes, the judges are beginning to tire from her less-than-humble attitude. All that being said - Gretchen presents a Bohemian aesthetic that, after some careful editing, will surely appeal to a lot of women. And let's not forget Kenley Collins from Season 5—she was beyond intolerable, but the judges overlooked it for her talent. The preview for tomorrow's episode shows her having quite the breakdown, but I think we know by now not to trust those misleading previews.
Top Three: 4x (including 2 wins)
Safe: 4x
Bottom Three: 3x (including Bottom Two once)
Andy's performance over the past five episodes is enough to prove why he isn't a definite contender for Fashion Week: Top Two, Bottom Three, Top Two, Bottom Two, Win. Hmmm. His greatest asset is his distinct style, his greatest weakness is his inconsistency. Whether or not he makes it to Fashion Week will completely depend on his performance tomorrow night.
Top Three: 4x (including 1 win)
Safe: 5x
Bottom Three: 2x (including Bottom Two once)
April has stayed in the middle of the pack more often than not, but the judges are constantly impressed by her work. She hasn't been in the Bottom Three since that questionable pair of shorts in Episode 4, and all of her Top Three appearances have happened since then, including the past two weeks. Could this Laura Bennet-esque momentum push the young lady into Fashion Week? I certainly think so.
Michael Costello
Top Three: 2x (including 2 wins)
Safe: 5x
Bottom Three: 4x (including Bottom Two twice)
Barring any Wendy Pepper-like antics tomorrow night, I'm pretty confident we'll be saying goodbye to Mr. Costello. He has been in the Bottom Three more than any of the remaining designers and has practically lived there these last three weeks (including almost being eliminated last week). The judges are constantly questioning his taste and although they like to stand up for him against the other designers' criticisms, even they can't deny that it's his time to go.
Naturally, anything goes in Project Runway land—just ask Austin Scarlett! Tomorrow's episode will undoubtedly be full of twists and surprises. Who do you think will continue on to compete at Fashion Week? Is Gretchen's second runway breakdown a sign of her demise? Will Mondo suddenly crack under the pressure? Is Michael Costello going to end up winning this whole damn thing?! Erase that last thought from your memory and sound off in the comments!
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