Monday, November 29, 2010

Magical Monday Moments: Bestie x Bestie

Ever wonder what's wrong with books? Well best friends Jenny and Gabe are here to explain as part of their series "Bestie x Bestie."

Actually, it's part of an improv comedy web series from Gabe Liedman and SNL-alum Jenny Slate (you may remember her dropping the F-bomb in her first episode, and then not being renewed for a second season). But you have to admit, they do have a point about books. They are heavy and you always have to pretend you've read them. How do they come up with that stuff on the spot?!

So much hilarity in one small clip, way too little time to write out all the amazing sound bites. I'll just leave you with one: "Preposterous! Just read a friggin' Dilbert and go to sleep!"

Check out this interview with Jenny Slate from PopWrap, without which I would've never found "Bestie x Bestie."
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