Friday, November 12, 2010

Project Runway - Heidi Wears Mondo

"I'd like to see you wear that dress, Klum."

Challenge accepted.

Ever since that insane shit show of a finale, Project Runway fans have been in a tizzy about [SPOILER ALERT if you happen to live under rock] Gretchen Jones' victory over Mondo Guerra. After going through the five stages of grief, we were all left with burning questions. Is Gretchen's finger really on the pulse of fashion? Are Mondo's clothes really unwearable? Is it bad we all agreed with Jessica Simpson? And how long until Heidi shows up on a red carpet wearing Mondo's bubble dress as a big "F!@* You!" to Michael and Nina?

The answers: No. No. Yes. And apparently not long at all.

Last night, Frau Klum attended the premiere for Black Swan (a movie I am beyond excited to see) wearing Mondo's controversial creation. She looked fabulous, as we all knew she would.

Although she altered the design much less than when she wore an ESosa design earlier this year, I'm sure Michael Kors is looking at these pictures this morning squawking something along the lines of, "See?! I told him he should get rid of those damn sleeves! They were just insaaaaaane!"

I just can't believe Heidi wore a dress that went past mid-thigh.


[Image Sources: tomandlorenzo.comImaxtree]
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