Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Trailer Tuesdays: Cars 2

Image courtesy of Disney

Although my reports last week of a new Toy Story sequel were for comedic purposes only, a newly released trailer gives us a peek at an actual upcoming sequel from a Pixar franchise.

Check out the trailer for next summer's Cars 2:

It's obvious Pixar knows the major comedic draw of the Cars franchise is Mater—in addition to being hilarious in the original film, he has also starred in a series of animated shorts—and it looks like they are using him even more in the second film.

I'm very excited for the addition of Michael Caine as the voice of Finn MacMissile, the uptight British spy car that is somehow a part of an international spy scandal in which Mater and Lightning McQueen find themselves involved.

The Cars franchise is nowhere near my favorite from the Pixar family—Up, Wall-E, Monsters Inc., Finding Nemo and Toy Story are all easily above it on my list—but I have learned to trust Pixar's judgment (look how amazing Toy Story 2 was!). This is certainly a movie I'll go see, though probably not in 3D or IMAX.

Maybe it's for the best—perhaps we all need a bit of a break in between the extreme excitement of Toy Story 3 and the in-production Monsters Inc. 2 (due out in 2012).
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