Thursday, December 9, 2010

Family Jules: LAUGH!

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After a week of reruns, our favorite families and drinking buddies returned for their final episodes of 2010. Vampire children, secret custodial love affairs, candlelight vigils and sinking ships—new episodes in 2011 can't come fast enough!

Before I go tape my Real World audition tape (peace), let's take a took at last night's best moments.

Modern Family
Season 2, Episode 10: "Dance Dance Revelation"
With the big school dance coming up, Jay and Phil take Manny and Luke to the mall to buy clothes and teach them manly lessons while Claire and Gloria fight passive aggressively about the decorations. Meanwhile, Cam and Mitchell deal with Lily's latest habbit: biting people.
"Lily's friend just pulled a Britney Spears getting out of the sandbox car." - Mitchell, who hates everyone's favorite game "Blame the Gay Dads."

"Pretty soon you get some hair on your chest, you start answering the phone and people don't think you're ladies." - Jay, who assures the boys that being a man involves more than just shopping for fancy outfits.

"And I just co-said it." - Gloria, who was given so much thunder.

"It's like Twilight back here!" - Cam, who points out that Naomi Campbell turned out pretty rough with two straight parents, just like Hitler.

"Here's something I didn't know about mannequins: they don't have a wiener." - Luke, who suddenly likes teal and is named after his racist grandfather.

"Men! Men! Men! Men! Men! Men!" - Phil, whose not really a pocket square kind of guy and really hates been sprayed with cologne.

"You know, skipping burns more calories than running…." - Phil Dunphy Dumbphy.

"I waterboarded our toddler… L-O-L!" - Cam, who wants to log off the Spanish Inquisition website.

"Take a bite of an apple, take a bite of a pear / Take a bite of a cookie that you left over there / Here's one thing you should never do / Don't bite Taylor or Brandon or Sue / Because people aren't rude / People aren't food / Your friends will run away if they're scared of being chewed / And as a side note, private parts are private!" - Cam, who doesn't want Lily to be a pariah or a piranha.
(All I Want for Christmas is a New Title) Cougar Town
Season 2, Episode 10: "The Same Old You"
The Cul De Sac Crew encourages Bobby to play in a PGA-qualifying golf tournament by trying to make his boat seaworthy, Ellie and Grayson dig up secrets from the past and Kirsten (who would make a great Zeta) is jealous of the chemistry between Travis and Laurie, who is pretending to be in a sorority.
"LAUGH." - Laurie, who is concerned the face she makes when she actually laughs is too horsey.

"It was Little Mister Miami, and it was actually pretty cool. I broke down a gender barrier." - Grayson, who wonders every day why Jules married Bobby and wants to know more about "Shot Slut" Ellie.

"To get ahead, get a home!" - The Worst Slogan Ever by Jules, who doesn't really understand what puns are.

"Stop trying to make this into an '80s movie montage!" - Ellie, who wants the montage to be a sweaty angry one.

"Ooo it's thinking wine!" - Grayson, whose hobbies in high school included acne, at The Drink Tank Think Tank.
What did you think, dear readers? Who do you think is to blame for Lily's biting habbit? Do you wish Bobby and Andy's middle names were actually Batman and Robin? And don't you wish we could've seen more of Ellie's Real World audition tape and Grayson's banana hammock?!
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