Thursday, December 16, 2010

Holiday Pop, Day 16: Gingerbread Facebook Wall

True confession: I am not a crafty person. When it comes to homemade decor for the home, I am pretty much useless. The paper/glitter/yarn ornaments I made in nursery school that still hang on my parents' Christmas tree might be among my greatest crafts of all time.

Luckily for us, Will Pulos is bringing crafts into the 21st century with his fantastic (and hilarious) web series "Millennial Crafts." For today's Holiday Pop, let's take a look at Will's easy steps to making a Gingerbread Facebook Wall (because "...many of us don't live in houses, we live in apartments that look like crack dens and we couldn't exactly make a gingerbread crack den, could we? Because that would take too much frosting.").

Check out the video after the jump...

See, wasn't that easy?

I especially enjoy the sugary sprinkles that almost crash the gingerbread server.

[Source: Towleroad]
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