Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holiday Pop, Day 22: Top Chef Holiday Tips

Image courtesy of Bravo TV

Top Chef: All-Stars has quickly become one of my favorite shows on TV right now. It's been great to see my favorite chefs return to duke it out, and so far the challenges and eliminations have been dramatic, suspenseful and just plain awesome. These chefs are the best of the best, forcing them to bring their A-game every week or face shameful knife packing.

So who better to ask for some holiday cooking tips than the All-Stars themselves? TV Guide recently sat down with some of the cheftestants to ask them "What tips do you have for creating a great holiday meal?" From twists on classic recipes to good ol' fashioned green bean casserole with soup from a can, see what they had to say:

Even though she didn't say much, Carla is obviously my favorite part of this video. Hootie hoo!!

[Source: TV Guide]
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