Friday, December 3, 2010

Holiday Pop, Day 3: BNL's Hanukkah Blessing

It's no secret that when radio stations start playing 24/7 "holiday" music, it really means they are playing non-stop Christmas jams. Not that I'm complaining, but it'd be nice if the Jews could get a little airtime now and then, right? Then again, how many times can you play "I Have a Little Dreidel" and "Oh Hanukkah," which apparently are the only two Hanukkah songs on the face of the Earth.

Thank goodness for Barenaked Ladies and their song "Hanukkah Blessings" from Barenaked for the Holidays.

Check out this video of former BNL front-man Steven Page performing the song solo.

You can also buy it on iTunes or play it in Rock Band.
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