Thursday, December 30, 2010

Holiday Pop, Day 30: HIMYM New Year's Limo

Deciding on plans for New Year's Eve can be a tricky ordeal. Do you stay in or go out? Go to a house party or black tie event? Watch Anderson Cooper or Ryan Seacrest? And most importantly—what is the perfect music to get yourself hyped up for the new year?!

Back in Season 1 of How I Met Your Mother, Ted decided to create the perfect New Year's Eve by renting a limo to escort the group to five different parties. While the night doesn't go exactly as planned (unless a gun-wielding Not Moby is your idea of a good time), we did get adorable Marshall and Lily-ness, a disappearing Russian date for Barney and a Ted/Robin kiss.

Throughout the episode, we were treated to a particularly amazing New Year's Eve music mix courtesy of one Mr. Stinson. Take a look, and I dare you resist the urge to do The Robot.

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