Saturday, January 15, 2011

2011 Golden Globes: If We Were the HFPA (TV Edition)

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The Golden Globes air tomorrow, and my pop culture cohort Jason Myers (of Pop Culture, Politics and Everything Between) and I are breaking down our thoughts on the nominees (for a full list of nominations, click here).

Jason and I are rather long-winded, so I'm splitting this up into two parts. You can view yesterday's Part One (Movie Edition) here.

So without further ado, here's Part Two: our votes for the television categories of the 2011 Golden Globes, in which Jason fawns over Modern Family and reveals that he hardly watches any TV drama, while I fawn over Cougar Town and Mad Men incessantly...

Best Television Series - Drama
Should Win: Mad Men (Brian), The Walking Dead (Jason)
Should've Been Nominated: LOST (Brian and Jason)
Jason Says: In a weak year for new series, The Walking Dead stood tall. Who would've thought a show about zombies would be so full of life and emotion? And seriously, why isn't LOST here? Whether or not you liked the finale, you can't deny it was well-made TV.
Brian Says: Don Draper's decline and the emergence (and floundering) of the new agency in Season 4 of Mad Men was a wonder to behold and deserves incredible praise. And the snubbing of LOST's final season is criminal.
Best Television Series - Comedy or Musical
Should Win: Modern Family (Brian and Jason)
Should've Been Nominated: Cougar Town (Brian and Jason)
Brian Says: ABC has turned Wednesdays from 9-10pm into the ultimate hour of comedy. Modern Family should easily continue its momentum from its Emmys victory to win this award. It's just a shame that my favorite comedy continues to get snubbed. Ignore the title, everyone. Cougar Town is the real deal!
Jason Says: What he said.
Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series - Drama
Should Win: Piper Perabo... just kidding... Elisabeth Moss, Mad Men (Brian); Julianna Marguiles, The Good Wife (Jason)
Should've Been Nominated: Sandra Oh, Grey's Anatomy (Brian); Evangeline Lily, LOST, or Ellen Pompeo, Grey's Anatomy (Jason)
Jason Says: I have to be honest, I haven't really watched any of these shows, but I've been impressed with the few episodes I've seen of The Good Wife.  Both Ellen and Evangeline are continually overlooked and taken for granted.  Their work is both subtle and consistent and I would've liked to see them here.
Brian Says: Peggy Olson is perhaps the only character on Mad Men truly worth rooting for (besides Sally Draper), and Cristina's collapse on Grey's this season has been remarkable.
Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series - Drama
Should Win: Jon Hamm, Mad Men (Brian), Michael C. Hall, Dexter (Jason)
Should've Been Nominated: Terry O'Quinn, LOST (Brian); Matthew Fox, LOST (Jason)
Brian Says: I really didn't mean to give every award to Mad Men, but you cannot deny how incredible this past season was. And Terry O'Quinn doubling as Sideways Locke and Sad Day Monster should've earned him every award under the sun.
Jason Says: Again, I don't watch many of these, so Hall wins just because I'm almost done with the first season of Dexter and he's incredible (lame criteria, I'm aware). Matthew Fox was incredible in LOST's finale.  I'd put him here on that performance alone.
Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series - Comedy or Musical
Should Win: Tina Fey, 30 Rock (Brian); Lea Michele, by default, Glee (Jason)
Should've Been Nominated: Courtney Cox, Cougar Town (Brian and Jason)
Jason Says: I used to be a TV connoisseur, but apparently I suck now. Glee is the only show I watch  consistently here so I vote Michele by default. Though if Courtney Cox was here she'd win, without a doubt. Her character on Cougar Town is the role of her career—yes, even better than Monica.
Brian Says: Liz Lemon is one of the greatest characters of the past decade, and this past year was no exception. Then again, like Jason I would totally give the award to Courtney Cox. Jules and her wine addiction for the win!
Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series - Comedy or Musical
Should Win: Jim Parsons, The Big Bang Theory (Brian), Matthew Morrison, again by default, Glee (Jason)
Should've Been Nominated: Joel McHale, Community (Brian and Jason)
Brian Says: Sheldon is the definite the star of the Big Bang universe, and Jim Parsons always manages to keep the character feeling fresh. Joel McHale deserved a nomination for sure—he's brought Community to new great heights (and did you see those muscles in the paintball episode?!).
Jason Says: Again, I suck. Morrison by default. And, for me, McHale would "pull a Courtney Cox" and win if he were here.
Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television
Should Win: Jane Lynch, Glee (Brian); Sofia Vergara, Modern Family (Jason)
Should've Been Nominated: Busy Philipps, Cougar Town (Brian); Julie Bowen, Modern Family (Jason)
Jason Says: I know I'll be booed for not picking Lynch, and the HFPA owes her for snubbing her last year, but Vergara is amazing in Modern Family. Her good looks and thick accent tend to overshadow the quality of her work. With the best cast on television, Modern Family deserves more mention here. Plus, I've had a crush on Julie Bowen since her days on Ed.
Brian Says: Let's not forget Lynch in the shot-for-shot "Vogue" music video. Cone bra trumps all. And can someone PLEASE nominate Busy Philipps for something? Slap out it, Hollywood!
Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television
Should Win: Chris Colfer, Glee (Brian); Eric Stonestreet, Modern Family (Jason)
Should've Been Nominated: Danny Pudi, Community (Brian); Ty Burrell, Modern Family (Jason)
Brian Says: Chris Colfer is the heart and soul of Glee, and the lack of distinction between drama and comedy should help him here. Abed fuels so much of what makes Community great. Danny Pudi deserves some credit for sure.
Jason Says: Chris Colfer is great, but Eric Stonestreet is better. Cam is the funniest character on TV, and much of that is due to Stonestreet's impeccable mannerisms and delivery.  Again, Modern Family is so phenomenal that Ty Burrell should be here.
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