Friday, January 28, 2011

Family Jules: Friend Test

Image courtesy of ABC

Still recovering from the programming fiasco two weeks ago, Cougar Town was the only Wednesday night comedy on ABC to air an episode this week.

Also worth noting is that next week is that last new Cougar Town episode for a while, as Matthew Perry's new show Mr. Sunshine will take the post-Modern Family time slot for nine weeks. Never fear, the Cul De Sac Crew will return April 13th and has already been signed on for a third season!

Anyways, before I burn this cul-de-sac to the ground, let's take a look at the best moments of this week's episode...

(Do We Have to Do This Joke Forever?) Cougar Town
Season 2, Episode 13: "Lost Children"
When the Cul De Sac Crew's movie night is ruined by a broken TV, Jules suggests a game of "Sardines in the Can" that ends up bringing out Ellie's resentment of her best friend's dictatorship of the group. As they play, Bobby and Laurie's friendship strengthens and Grayson wonders why Andy is so sensitive around him.
"It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's a depressing expose about the failing public school system." - Travis, who had to break it to Bobby that Waiting for Superman isn't a superhero movie.

"Penny Can is one part geometry, one part marksmanship and one part core strength." - Grayson to Andy, who is really good at Sissy Can.

"Moving Target Penny Caaaan!" - Ellie, Bobby and Grayson, who are all really good at tossing copper (it's the new slang for Penny Can, by the way).

"He's Beef, a grizzled ex-Marine with a secret—he's a vegetarian. She's Bubbles, his plucky, hot partner with a secret of her own—she's Beef's daughter. Together they fight crime, and each week maybe they get closer together." - Laurie, describing their detective duo that got Bobby choked up.

"I think you're a bunch of old people with surprisingly good skin given the amount of wine and sun you take in." - Travis, who doesn't want to cuddle with Jules or participate in a Mother-Son Rodeo.

"You know what else is decaying? That one principal's teeth! What does she brush them with? Pudding?" - Laurie, who wants to learn how to box after looking at the face of Bobby's (now ex) girlfriend.
What did you think of this week's episode? Are you glad Tom got one night with the Crew? Do you hope Ellie continues to go balls to the wall with this tomboy thing? Did you get a total Gale Weathers/Scream vibe from the Ellie/Jules phone calls? And will you try to tie your friend to a tree using his own sweatshirt? Just make sure he isn't Cuban—that could be a hate crime!
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