Thursday, January 20, 2011

NBC Thursdays: New Comedy Schedule

Image courtesy of NBC

With winter hiatus finally over (!!!), NBC is launching its new 3-hour Thursday comedy block tonight. So before you freak out that your DVR didn't record 30 Rock at 8:30 (aw, nerds!), take a look at the new lineup, featuring some new shows, shows back from a long break and old shows that need to be done already.

8:00pm - Community
The Greendale crew has been on fire during their sophomore year season, and I can't wait to see what happens next.

8:30pm - Perfect Couples
I missed the preview of this new comedy after the finale of The Sing Off and I'll probably hold off until the reviews starting pouring in over the next few weeks.

9:00pm - The Office
The final half of Steve Carrell's final season. Unfortunately, it's not goodbye for everyone. We all love the Dundler Mifflin-ites, but it's time to bid adieu.

9:30pm - Parks and Recreation
After bailing halfway through Season 1, I'm returning to the Pawnee local government after hearing only the best about the much-improved Season 2.

10:00pm - 30 Rock
This season has been particularly strong. I'm hoping for more Liz flashbacks, more Avery pregnancy rage and more Cheyenne Jackson as Danny!

10:30pm - Outsourced
Does anyone still watch this show? I admit to enjoying some earlier episodes, but the "American confused by Indian culture" schtick is a bit one-note.

Note: All times are Eastern Standard Time
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