Thursday, February 3, 2011

Family Jules: Bitch and Ditch

Image courtesy of ABC

I have a confession. Over the past few weeks, I have had this horrid recurring dream in which Cougar Town doesn't air new episodes for over two months. Unfortunately, unlike Jules' wood chipper nightmares, these dreams are actually a reality. Yes, it is with great sadness that Cougar Town leaves us for a network-sanctioned hiatus so that we may partake in the Matthew Perry/Allison Janney show Mr. Sunshine (or, as I will be calling it, the show starring Chandler and C.J. Cregg).

Never fear, dear readers, our beloved Cul De Sac Crew will return to us on a special night: Monday, April 18th following Dancing with the Stars. For those of you in the Boston area, that is also Patriots' Day Marathon Monday. Say it with me now: Best. Marathon Monday. Ever! It will then return to its normal home on Wednesday nights, thank goodness.

So before we say goodbye (for now)... let's take a look at the best of last night's episode.

(See You Soon) Cougar Town (Stay in Touch @VDoozer, @KBiegel or @CougarTownRoom)
Season 2, Episode 14: "Cry To Me"
Valentine's Day has arrived, and the menfolk fret over what to do for their true loves: Travis needs to take a "sexy picture" for Kirsten, Andy needs to suppress his showmanship and Grayson needs to figure out how to avoid talking about his father's death with Jules.
"What saint decided that women have to put out just because some idiot bought them an eight-dollar teddy bear?" - Ellie, who doesn't have tear ducts (and doubts tears can fit out of Grayson's tiny eyes).

"Sometimes I see my ideas in Bobby's eyes." - Andy, who starred in a gay hillbilly version of The Bachelor (which I would totally watch).

"I sent a photo to this guy in Iraq, and my junk was completely covered by a real stuffed eagle. So patriotic." - Laurie, whose worst Valentine's Day involved having sex with someone who turned out to not be Dan Marino.

"After you clean the pool, I'm going to shave every inch of you." - Barb, master of romance.

"And get me the ribs… bitch!" - Bobby, who almost ruined his "Bitch and Ditch" with Laurie.
What did you think? Do Christmas decorations in February drive you as crazy as they drive Ellie? Are you a believer in the circle of lover/circle of anger? Would you have preferred it if Travis had just given Kirsten a picture of Ryan Reynolds on a horse? And how much are you going to miss our crazy Cul De Sac friends?! Sound off in the comments while I pour myself an enormous glass of red wine.
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