Monday, February 7, 2011

Magical Monday Moments: See the USA in Your Chevrolet

I've already crowned the best commercial of last night's Super Bowl XLV, but today's Magical Monday Moment is courtesy of an amazing display of advertising by Glee and Chevrolet.

As a buildup to the post-game episode (which brought in series-high ratings for Glee), the members of McKinley High's New Directions were featured in a razzle dazzle commercial for the new Chevy Cruze. There were acrobats, dancers and old Hollywood glamour abound. And it was all cleverly fit in as if it were a plot line in an episode. In fact, it was a plotline in last season's "Mattress" episode, so it all worked out.

Naturally, Lea Michele knocked it out of the park. And can we talk about how much better Chord Overstreet looks with that side part?! My only complaint: no Babygay Kurt. He may not be in New Directions anymore, but he could've made a surprise appearance. After all, Glee plot lines have definitely made less sense than that, right?

As it turns out, "See the USA in Your Chevrolet" is an old jingle made famous by the great Dinah Shore in 1952. Check out the original:

As the proud owner of a Chevy Malibu (aptly named Miss Malibu), I will now be singing this every time I'm in my car. You're welcome, fellow passengers.
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